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Any open source projects which are good for learning from.


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7 minutes ago, DireDoesGames said:

I'm wondering if there is any open source mods that I could be used to learn from?



I've found this but they all seem to been highly advanced and non learner friendly mods,



Thanks in advanced!

Well, I hate to tell you this, but most mods are advanced, because they need to be to work. Anything is learner friendly, it's just the matter if you can understand the code.

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Best "open-source"-ish mod to learn the basics of things? Minecraft. Seriously, a lot of things people ask about can be found here and there in Vanilla. Best open-source mod to learn about conventional coding? Forge. Best open-source mod to learn about how to do some specific things? Your brain and a bit of logic. Best open-source mod to learn something really specific from? Well, depends on the specifics.

Most mods nowdays are open-sourced, as there is literally no reason to hide your source code. Every mod does things it's own way though. Want something simple? Pick a simple mod then, Any advanced mod will have several layers of abstractions and by your definition will be 'non learner friendly'.

Also I do not think that any mod but the forge example mod is intended to be 'learner-friendly'. Mods are usually designed to work, not to teach people how to code ;)


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I would suggest you my own one :P
It has a big variety of things and I am trying to do things as simple as possible. And it's nearly cleaned up xD

But in case you read anything about DRPCore that's just an advanced "library" I use.

(Well basically it's a mod adding a completely new and universal crafting System and a few more things in close future) 

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Thanks, Looks like some good stuff to learn from... Personally I like to learn by taking an existing project and seeing how it works. It's a lot more fun then watching videos or tutorials... I started this learning habbit from opening every electronic device I had when I was younger... I have no idea why I went all personally off topic...

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