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I tried to install me the mdk for 1.8 on my USB drive. But when I open eclipse and select the project, then eclipse says ".project is missing". In the folder is a .project available.


I tried much things but nothing helped.

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In forge for 1.8, the forge folder is not itself the project folder, it's a workspace folder containing the project folder. Thus, import the project folder within the forge folder; or set the workspace to the forge folder. Don't import the forge folder itself. (At least, this was how it was set up when I worked with forge for 1.8 a couple of years ago.)


They changed this aspect of the setup sometime between 1.8 and 1.11.

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Ok can you show me example for wich folder I have to import? Only the path or something, because I don't now exactly what you mean.


Or should I take a screenshot of the folder that you guys now how it is?

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Ok I have imported the project, that I created before I tried to install it on my USB drive and now it works. On my PC if it woks on another I have to see.


Ok I had to set the environvent variable and then import the project.

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