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Accessing the Tint Index in getPackedLightmapCoords()


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I'm trying to render multiple layers of a block with different brightness values to achieve a "glow in the dark" effect without actually emitting any light.

I was able to do this by returning a different lightmap coordinate depending on the tint index. While this works fine, it requires a fair amount of reflection, since i need to read the information from VertexLighterFlat#tint (ForgeBlockModelRenderer#lighterFlat)


My suggestion would be to somehow make the tint index information available to Block#getPackedLightmapCoords(). Currently, I can think of 3 ways to do this, but there are maybe a few more

  • pass the tint index to Block#getPackedLightmapCoords(). The information is available in VertexLighterFlat#updateLightmap so it can just be passed to IBlockState#getPackedLightmapCoords(). The issue here is, its not the only place where Block#getPackedLightmapCoords() (or IBlockState#getPackedLightmapCoords()) is called and not all of those spots have a tint index available. We could pass -1 in those cases tho.
  • Make the tint index available via a getter method. Either from ForgeBlockModelRenderer directly or from VertexLighterFlat (this one only has a setter method atm). If we go with the latter one, we also need a getter in ForgeBlockModelRenderer to get the VertexLighterFlat instance
  • Add new interface to get the brightness for a specific tint index, similar to IBlockColor


Like I said, i currently use reflection to get the tint index, so I know it works - atleast partially, who knows how this might break. If there is a different way to achieve what I'm doing atm, tell me D:


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