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New NBT tags saved to an Item


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Hey everyone,


It's pretty late and I'm a tad tired so I'm sorry if I sound a little confusing. I'll amend this question in the morning.


Anyway the question is simple, execution is a little more complex. I want to give an "Item" (not a block) extra variables which it can then save to NBT tags. Ultimately this will create a near unlimited amount of variations on an single type of item (though slightly more expensive in terms of memory). I'm am doing this because the item can be made using a ridiculous amount of different recipes, i.e different minerals used to create the item result in different materials the item possesses. My plan is to then calculate the variables in that item based on what materials it was made out of; hence why I need to save the data to the item for future use.


Any ideas? Cheers.

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