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[1.10.2] Item Model Variants


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Let's say I have a block with a .obj model that has 3 materials. Each material can be one of 10 textures, giving a total of 1000 different combinations. I can easily instantiate all these blocks with a for loop, but it would be impractical to have separate json files for each version. For the block model, I can pass information to the blockstates json file using the block's IBlockState, but how would I do this for the ItemBlock model?

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1 hour ago, theDataSmith said:

If anyone knows how to register the ItemBlock to use [mod]/models/items/[name].json instead of [mod]/blockstates/[name].json I could probably figure it out from there.

Same way you register any other item model.

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4 hours ago, theDataSmith said:

When I use ModelLoader.setCustomModelResourceLocation to register the model for the ItemBlock, it uses the blockstates json, not the models/item json. How to I make it use the models/item json?


Forge tries to load the item model first and only tries to load the model from the blockstates file if that fails. I have a more detailed explanation of the model loading process here.


If it's not loading your item models, the FML log should have an error message explaining why.

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Thank you! That link helped me out a lot. I was thinking I could pass data to the item model json, similarly to a blockstate json, but that appears to be impossible. Does anyone know if there's any way to load models/textures programmatically, rather than using a json?

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You can make an ICustomModelLoader.

Point the ResourceLocation to a custom IModel, that points to a custom IBakedModel.

In the IBakedModel's getQuads method, provide the list of BakedQuad's to render for the given side.

Do note, only calculate the BakedQuad's once, and store them somewhere. It's quite expensive to re-calculate every frame.

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After several hours going through source code, I finally figured out how to do it. I had to create an ICustomModelLoader and register it using ModelLoaderRegistry#registerLoader. I then used ModelLoaderRegistry#getModel and cast that IModel to an OBJModel so I could use OBJModel#retexture and OBJModel#process to swap out the textures and add the custom data "flip-v" = "true". That would have been enough, but I also needed different transformations for different item perspectives (GUI, GROUND, FIRST_PERSON_RIGHT_HAND, etc). I had to create my own IModel and IPerspectiveAwareModel classes so I could override IModel#bake and IPerspectiveAwareModel#handlePerective. handlePerspective should always be


return MapWrapper.handlePerspective(this, [Your IModelState], cameraTransformType);


but you can pass in your own IModelState class to handle the different transform types.


Anyway, I wrote this hoping someone would find it helpful. Thanks to Matryoshika for pointing me in the right direction.

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