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Minecraft_Forge_Modding_ID Code Errors.............(Solved)


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Ok right to the point........ I made like 30 new items but for some bashed up reason there conflicting with my raw meterial items the items that drop from ores or when you smelt an ore u obtain a meterial but heres my problem....


In the "Your_Mod_Name_file.cfg" When i open it with Notepad++ Its empty so i can edit or change ID codes for items that see mto be overrideing each other.


Does anyone know wtf is going on? Last time i posted a problem here that file had all the ID codes for items and blocks and it sovled my problem but now its pernamently empty i even reinstalled forge full and oviously copying my src folder to paste back in >.<


Anyone know wtf id be greatfully apresiated.

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I guess something changed that made your new config file empty for some reason.

As to how and why it's hard to say without the normal drill of looking at your code like we did last time, it's probably some typo or something somewhere that makes it all act weird :)


So how is your @mod file now and how is your base item class file etc.?

remember pastbin.com or paste.minecraftforge.net ^^


If you guys dont get it.. then well ya.. try harder...

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Honestly i diidnt think i needed to post my source code this time lol and i feel ever so uncomfortable doing it aswell for ovious reasons >.> but i guess fudge it lol.... this is 8% of my mod from the Massive plan i have to learn D:


Souece Code: Edited out figured out the problem


Raw Meterial "Items": Edited out figured out the problem


30 new Items new file: Only thing different in this is the creative destination, it didint do anything sigh


As for the error:http://paste.minecraftforge.net/view/dc5acfdf

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Wait i figured it out............ Im so stupid ill edit in 5 minutes.


EDIT: Ok my problem was i tend to copy and paste code and edit the items.blocks with what i want to add in but i failed in the 20ish lines i created:


this.WarpedGunPowderID = config.getItem("Sapphire", "item", 4204).getInt();


Notice i still have sapphire in this code thats why its conflicting >.<


Amatures UNITE!

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