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MC 1.12 registering items, blocks.


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I saw in the manual something about the new registering stuff, but do not fully understand how that works. I have tried some stuff that didn't worked.

I found a way to register stuff and it works, but i'm not sure if that's the way to go.

It looks like this:

public static Block registerBlock(Block block){
    	ItemBlock item = new ItemBlock(block);
    	return block;

I have created this method to register things. I also made 1 for metablocks and for slabs.

I also found out that all blocks that have subblocks don't have their subblocks in the creative tab anymore.

They have been registered and are in the game. I checked this with the /give user modid:limestone 1 0 (or 1,2)

It gave me the required block. In my case limestone (0), polished limestone(1)  and bricked limestone(2)

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So i think i understand it more or less.

I create a class that handles all the events for my mod. The manual says it can have multiple events.

Is this recommended or not? Should i seperate some events in an other class?

Also i see i register it like this:


Sorry to ask, but where do i put this line? Inside my mainclass i guess? But where preInit, Init or postInit? Or somewhere else?

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