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1.7.10 Forge server crashes without generating a crash report.


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I want to play a custom pack with a friend so I decided to host a server for us to play on. I made the pack for MC 1.7.10, because that was the only version that supports all the mods we want, using the twitch launcher. Then I set about creating a forge server for us to play on and copied the mods and config folders over to the folder with the forge server in and started it up, set the EULA to true and set the server properties then restarted it once more. After sorting a bunch of other issues (like removing client side mods which I forgot would cause a problem)  it's just crashing without generating a crash report and the console just says " [Server thread/INFO] [FML]: The state engine was in incorrect state ERRORED and forced into state SERVER_STOPPED. Errors may have been discarded.
 [Server thread/INFO] [FML]: The state engine was in incorrect state ERRORED and forced into state AVAILABLE. Errors may have been discarded."

Also for some reason the client returns to the main menu whenever I try to load or create a world but I've no idea if that's a related issue.

I started trying to do this over 6 hours ago now, so it's probably something stupid my tired brain is forgetting, and I'm honestly at my wits end at this point and any help would be greatly appreciated.

For some reason I can't attach the latest server log and pastebin won't let me upload it so IDK what I can do with that

Thanks in advance 

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Just now, MrBendelScrolls said:

That's that weird Minechem problem. Try to generate the world without it, and then add it back. This worked for me many times.

so it loaded fine without minechem then I put it back in and re-launched the server and it crashed again :(

FML Latest log - https://gist.github.com/dire-chinchilla/47267ca47d25fa6948358e4763611431

I'm guessing it's the same problem as before.

Is there any other workarounds you can think of or is it just a case of removing minechem or another mod because I kinda wanted it in there most of all even if it means removing another mod.

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9 minutes ago, MrBendelScrolls said:

According to github issues section, it may be a conflict with BetterBuildersWands or some other unknown mods.


I removed some of the less reputable mods from the server and now other than galacticraft update checks failing (and who cares about that) it seems to be working fine.

Thank you ever so much for all your help!!! :)

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