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1.12.2 adventuring time advancement


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I need the list of all required biomes for the advancement Adventuring Time and the list of all explored biomes by the player.

In 1.11 i used:

Set<Biome> required = Sets.newHashSet(Biome.EXPLORATION_BIOMES_LIST);
JsonSerializableSet explored = (JsonSerializableSet) player.getStatFile().getProgress(AchievementList.EXPLORE_ALL_BIOMES);

but in 1.12 i don't know how to do.

Can you help please?


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Now that it's moved to an advancement, you have to use advancement structures for this.


Look into EntityPlayerMP#getAdvancements(), PlayerAdvancements#getProgress(), and AdvancementProgress#getCompletedCriteria(). Using those properly should give you a list of all the criteria the player has earned; the criteria names for the Adventuring Time advancement are basically just biome names :) (And of course, Advancement#getCriteria() gives you access to *all* the criteria of an advancement, so you can get the full list of required biomes through that.)

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Ok thanks it worked!

But there are some biomes that are not required for the advancement like "Ice Plains Spikes" and are not listed in the AdvancementProgress#getCompletedCriteria().

I'd like to have a complete list containing all visited biomes.

How could it be done?



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You'd have to track them yourself. My suggestion would be to create a new advancement that uses the same system as Adventuring Time, but which has ALL the biomes in it.

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