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A respectful question/request relating to the IRC


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Dear LexManos,


       Today I tried to make a connection with the irc channel and to my dismay I could not connect. After looking around at the MOTD it gave me I found at the bottom of the page a little segment that looked something alot like this.


"#minecraftforge Cannot join channel (+b) - you are banned"


This was intended to be a personal message, however, it would not let me, so I've decided to share it on the forum.


       As to why this is I cannot figure out. After looking around on the forums it seems you do not take kindly to appeals such as this one, however If a never posted anything I wouldn't of had a chance at all, so here it is. At the beginning of the week I could connect, and the last I remember doing was asking around how to use Entityplayer.rotationyawhead to direct a custom projectile in a certain direction. All I can ask for is a ban lift, or at least a reason to why My rights to use this service has been denied. All I wish is to use this service respectfully and to be part of the amazing community that both this website and the irc have to offer. It is up to your discretion to determine what should happen, however, and I choose to respect that. If you at all consider this request, the nickname I normally went by was NoahBeech. As for my username on the forum. A long time ago I tried making an account, but I forgot the password, and the retrieve password was being all screwy. If you would like to see my work, please visit http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1711724-147-forge-sspsmp-rareores-v103/

And if you would like to contact me, my skype is Noah.Beech and my email is nrbeech@gmail.com


Thanks for your time, I hope you do consider my request, would lift a lot of stress.


This is the creator of the Rareores mod! Be sure to check it out at

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You are banned because you, your nickname, your ip, or anything matches one of our ban records.

And the bans are there to keep the people who match them out of the channel. Simple as that, If you're banned and you think it wasnt you bitch at someone else on your network.


Accessing this website, the irc channel, or any form of communication with us is a PRIVILEGE not a right.


So really, figure out why you were banned. And don't bitch about it.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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