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Forge 14.23.2 Minecraft 1.12.2


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Forge Version: 1.12.2-

Minecraft Version: 1.12.2



This time again, prep work for 1.13 is still going on. A lot of behind the scenes work going on to make 1.13 feasible with all the changes Mojang is putting into it. I've been developing MCP/Forge for the snapshots for testing purposes so thats where a lot of my time is going. However we've been able to gather a few new features and bug fixes. I figure it's time to bundle them together in full release.


Minecraft Forge 14.23.2 Changelog:



  • New event fired when Advancements are awarded.
  • Added more detains to the loading screen.
  • New registry event for Block and Item colors.
  • Fully implemented /forge track command for Entity and TileEntities.
  • New event to allow knock back control.
  • New Slime hook for pistons.
  • New context data sent to loot handlers for Advancements/Minecarts/Fishing/TileEntties.
  • New hooks related to expanding armor for horses.
  • New hook for controlling running particles for blocks.
  • Added config value to disable async chunk loading. Mainly for debug purposes.
  • New hook for customizing in-game music.
  • New event for more tooltip controls.
  • Enhanced logging during model loading.
  • New hooks for registering custom CriteriaTriggers.
  • New @Ignore annotation for the config system.


Bug Fix:

  • Fixed more bad shapeless recipe matching.
  • Fixed issue connecting to IPv6 only servers.
  • Fixed empty ItemStack being passed to EntityItemPickupEvent.
  • Fixed some in-code documentation.
  • Fixed tooltips sometimes rendering off the edges of the screen.
  • Fixed rendering issues with FastTESR implementations.
  • Fixed sometimes being unable to extract items from double chests.
  • Fixed EntityFishHook not spawning particles in modded liquids.
  • Fixed vanilla performance bug related to double chests that are blocked.
  • Fixed vanilla powered rails not receiving power from modded powered rails.
  • Fixed Flower Pot not being able to be set on some modded solid surfaces.
  • Fixed Anvil repairing not working for some damageable items.
  • Fixed missing text on loading screen for Macs.
  • Fixed some packet memory leaks in netty code.
  • Fixed statistics for entities in some cases.
  • Fixed retexturing not working for some custom models.
  • Fixed animations on rotated blocks.
  • Fixed B3D model rendering issues.
  • Fixed some lighting issues.
  • Fixed crashing with null models not showing who caused it.
  • Fixed Beetroot crops not dropping when trampled.
  • Fixed giant jungle trees causing world generation cascading.
  • Fixed extra dimension data not being saved.
  • Fixed potential entity corruption from the dormant chunk cache.
  • Fixed error logging in some mod loading stages.
  • Fixed debug flags for ClassPatchManager not working.
  • Fixed config guis showing child categories twice.
  • Fixed modded fluids being treated as solid.
  • Fixed adding MusicType enum values not working.
  • Fixed pumpkins placement logic.
  • Fixed model UV issue exposed by Optifine.
  • Fixed animations for servers with high uptimes.
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I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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