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Ticked Entity(armor)


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Hello community.

Yesterday i was playing minecraft version 1.7.10 on my selfmade modpack and i encountered a difficult bug named:"Ticking Entity"

Mod list: 

  1. ExtraTic
  2. Galacticraft
  3. HarvestCraft
  4. IndustrialCraft2
  5. MantleMod
  6. MetallurgyCore
  7. MetallurgyMod
  8. MicdoodleCore
  9. Optifine
  10. ProjectE
  11. ReisMinimapMod
  12. TConstructMod
  13. TwilightGForestMod

The problem appeared when i took the item named:"Traveller's boots"(TConstruct mod) from an "Transmutation Table" (ProjectE) and i put it in my boots slot. The moment that i put the boots the game crashed and everytime i try to reload the world it crashes and says :"Ticking Entity".

I have been trying to locate the problem with NBTE and delete the item but i can't find it. Here is the minecraft log :

Please help me with a solution of this problem




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