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[1.12] Forcing the refresh of chest contents client-side


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Hi all,


I have a GUI whose displayed information depends on the content of various chests (a trading screen, where the supply of goods comes from N chests in a building). I'm having issues in 1.12 I did not have in 1.7 where actions taken by the player (buying/selling goods) don't seem to be applied client-side immediately in the building's chest, only in his inventory. For example, if he buys a stack of stone, it will immediately appear in his inventory, but it won't disappear immediately in the building's chests, so it might show in my GUI as still available even though the stock is gone.


I'd happily post code but the full setup covers multiple complicated classes.


Is there any particular way to force Minecraft to immediately update a tile entity's data on a given client?


BTW, all this happens in SSP, not just MP.



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The problem is that the client doesn't know what the contents of a chest are until the player opens it.

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15 hours ago, diesieben07 said:

"SSP" and "MP" are exactly the same, both use a server and a client.

How are you performing these buying/selling actions? Code is indeed required.

SSP and MP are mostly the same, since 1.3 IIRC (god was that update a main to deal with). However for a problem like the one I'm having the difference can be significant, if only due to the reduced lag.


There are too many classes to all list, but the gist of it is:


In ContainerTrade that extends Container, in slotClick(), in the case of the player buying goods and hence taking them from the building's chests:


while ((taken < toTake) && (i < resManager.chests.size())) {
			final TileEntityChest chest = resManager.chests.get(i).getMillChest(world);

			if (chest != null) {
				taken += WorldUtilities.getItemsFromChest(chest, item, meta, toTake - taken);



You can ignore how I get that list of chest positions, that's not really relevant. Then for each chest:


static public int getItemsFromChest(final IInventory chest, final Item item, final int meta, final int toTake) {
		if (chest == null) {
			return 0;

		int nb = 0;

		int maxSlot = chest.getSizeInventory() - 1;

		for (int i = maxSlot; (i >= 0) && (nb < toTake); i--) {
			final ItemStack stack = chest.getStackInSlot(i);

			if ((stack != null) && (stack.getItem() == item) && ((stack.getItemDamage() == meta) || (meta == -1))) {
				if (stack.getCount() <= (toTake - nb)) {
					nb += stack.getCount();
					chest.setInventorySlotContents(i, ItemStack.EMPTY);
				} else {
					chest.decrStackSize(i, toTake - nb);
					nb = toTake;

		return nb;


Simplifying the code a bit. For me the only part that seems like it could be relevant is that I take items via either setInventorySlotContents (if I'm taking a whole stack) or decrStackSize (if only part of it). Is there something else I should do to get Forge to update the chest client-side ASAP?




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