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[1.12.2] Get World Spawn or...


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I am having a problem with a mod I tried time ago. Thanks to the help of the people here in the forum I was finally able to make a World Generator, that generates a world of 1 chunk.


However I'm noticing some problems.


One of them...


I am using something like this to know what chunk is the world spawn chunk, and generate a chunk only on that case


Something like this:


    public Chunk generateChunk(int x, int z) {

        int xCoord = this.world.getSpawnPoint().getX();
        int zCoord = this.world.getSpawnPoint().getZ();

        int xChunk = xCoord / 16;
        if (xCoord < 0) {

        int zChunk = zCoord / 16;
        if (zCoord < 0) {

        LogHelper.info("SpawnCoord X: " + xCoord + " SpawnCoord Z: " + zCoord);
        LogHelper.info("Gen Chunk X: " + x + " Gen Chunk Z: " + z);
        LogHelper.info("Match Chunk X: " + xChunk + " Match Chunk Z: " + zChunk);

        if (x == xChunk && z == zChunk) {



Here you can see a log with the problem:



What's the problem? Well, xCoord and zCoord are both 0 until this happens:


[17:01:26] [Server thread/INFO] [com.mramericanmike.onechunk.LogHelper]: SpawnCoord X: 0 SpawnCoord Z: 0
[17:01:26] [Server thread/INFO] [com.mramericanmike.onechunk.LogHelper]: Gen Chunk X: -29 Gen Chunk Z: -57
[17:01:26] [Server thread/INFO] [com.mramericanmike.onechunk.LogHelper]: Match Chunk X: 0 Match Chunk Z: 0
[17:01:26] [Server thread/INFO] [FML]: Loading dimension 5 (New World) (net.minecraft.server.integrated.IntegratedServer@671cdf59)
[17:01:27] [Server thread/INFO] [FML]: Loading dimension 1 (New World) (net.minecraft.server.integrated.IntegratedServer@671cdf59)
[17:01:27] [Server thread/INFO] [FML]: Loading dimension -1 (New World) (net.minecraft.server.integrated.IntegratedServer@671cdf59)
[17:01:27] [Server thread/INFO] [com.mramericanmike.onechunk.LogHelper]: SpawnCoord X: -430 SpawnCoord Z: -859
[17:01:27] [Server thread/INFO] [com.mramericanmike.onechunk.LogHelper]: Gen Chunk X: -39 Gen Chunk Z: -66
[17:01:27] [Server thread/INFO] [com.mramericanmike.onechunk.LogHelper]: Match Chunk X: -27 Match Chunk Z: -54


So what's the problem? Well, sometimes the generation, for example, for the chunk -27/-54 happens while the coords are still 0 so the chunk never gets generated. Don't know what I can do to avoid this. It's like this.world.getSpawnPoint().getX() doesn't return the correct value until the world gets loaded, but how is it that it's already generating if it's not even loaded. Can I get those spawn coords in a different way?

Another problem. How can I fix the respawn of a player, because I'm still not 100% sure if they will respawn the whole time inside the same chunk, can I force that, at least until a player sleeps?

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If you want to contain the player in a single chunk, I would probably ignore the normal spawn location stuff and make your own by handling the EntityJoinWorld event, checking if the entity is instanceof EntityPlayer and setting the location directly yourself. 


There is also the setSpawnPoint() method which is in EntityPlayer and is public so you can use it to set the spawn point. That way you don't need the player to wake up in a bed before having spawn point set.

Check out my tutorials here: http://jabelarminecraft.blogspot.com/

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