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  1. I was following the guide at https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/1.16.x/gettingstarted/ and it mentions we should change the instances of "examplemod" on build.gradle to the nameid of the mod we creating. And it also mentions we should change the group too. There are a couple of missing steps here. It doesn't mention we should change the project structure to reflect this changes. And more important, it doesn't mention the mods.toml file at all. Without updating this file with the correct values Minecraft wont start. EDIT: PS: Just noticed the mention to this comes on the next step. I guess then on step 1 it shouldn't be mention how to run the mod yet?
  2. I am guessing registering a config GUI is related with registering Configuration files also, but I can't find documentation about neither of those for 1.16 Any clue where I can find the steps to do so? Or 1.7.10 methods still apply? (Maybe it was 1.10)
  3. I'm new to using IntelliJ when modding for Minecraft, have been using Eclipse for the most part, but now I'm giving IntelliJ a try. I have one "key" problem with IntelliJ. After refactoring my package route from com.example.examplemod to mramericanmike.rmh. Now each time I runClient I'm still getting the old code been read from "Somewhere" How is it possible if the package and main class file no longer exist, they are still been used when runClient is called? I'm still seen in console [Worker-Main-6/INFO] [co.ex.ex.RMH/]: HELLO FROM FMLCommonSetupEvent 57 notice the co.ex.ex.RMH when my new package is different and the logger was changed to output LOGGER.info("HELLO FROM FMLCommonSetupEvent 7"); Notice changed 57 to 7 I tried running genIntellijRuns again, but it did nothing. What am I missing here?
  4. So I was looking at the documentation, but couldn't find anything related on how to get the Config button from the mods window working. I wasn't able to find much information on this topic other that some probably outdated tutorials on Youtube. Any guidance is welcome. I remember already having many issues with this topic time ago back in 1.12 I believe it was. PS: I posted on the wrong subforum and can't move it with the edit function.
  5. I see. Thanks a lot. And one question. How would I "register" for the items the different models (States) it can have. I tried looking at the vanilla Clock but on Items, it's just a generic Item without anything special on it. (I'm guessing Vanilla is changing the texture from some event class). How should I implement multiple models for my item and change between them.
  6. I'm having an issue with the rendering of a simple texture that worked perfectly as expected in 1.12.2 but on 1.16.3 it looks just weird. The .json on models/item is: { "parent": "item/generated", "textures": { "layer0": "machinecards:items/frame" } } The texture is attached. In 1.12.2 the item class extended Item and implemented IHasModel. Not sure if that means anything or not since I don't remember how Forge 1.12.2 worked. But I think IHasModel was a default thing to do for items? Any idea how to "fix" this so it renders again as it used to in 1.12. Thanks in advance.
  7. I never had issues with this before, but I guess the mappings that come with the MDK download are out of date? Didn't know we had to manually change them when downloading the MDK I guess that's new also on 1.16. Or is there a reason the "Recommended" version doesn't update this value? My 1.16.3 download (forge-1.16.3-34.1.0-mdk) had on mappings mappings channel: 'snapshot', version: '20200514-1.16' Where you got the 20200723.1.16.1 from? So I can got get the corresponding for the 1.16.3- 34.1.0 version. Thanks a lot.
  8. Thanks, I got it working. I am confuse as to why vanilla uses for their recipes the "has_the_recipe" if it has the recipe already, how can it be the reward for the advancement? I my case I removed that requirement, not sure when that should be used.
  9. Even when the block shows with no problem. I'm getting an error like this on console. My Blockstate json is: { "forge_marker": 1, "defaults": { "textures": { "bottom": "block/terracotta", "top": "block/terracotta", "side": "block/terracotta" } }, "variants": { "facing=east,half=bottom,shape=straight": { "model": "block/stone_stairs" }, "facing=west,half=bottom,shape=straight": { "model": "block/stone_stairs", "y": 180, "uvlock": true }, "facing=south,half=bottom,shape=straight": { "model": "block/stone_stairs", "y": 90, "uvlock": true }, "facing=north,half=bottom,shape=straight": { "model": "block/stone_stairs", "y": 270, "uvlock": true }, "facing=east,half=bottom,shape=outer_right": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_outer" }, "facing=west,half=bottom,shape=outer_right": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_outer", "y": 180, "uvlock": true }, "facing=south,half=bottom,shape=outer_right": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_outer", "y": 90, "uvlock": true }, "facing=north,half=bottom,shape=outer_right": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_outer", "y": 270, "uvlock": true }, "facing=east,half=bottom,shape=outer_left": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_outer", "y": 270, "uvlock": true }, "facing=west,half=bottom,shape=outer_left": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_outer", "y": 90, "uvlock": true }, "facing=south,half=bottom,shape=outer_left": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_outer" }, "facing=north,half=bottom,shape=outer_left": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_outer", "y": 180, "uvlock": true }, "facing=east,half=bottom,shape=inner_right": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_inner" }, "facing=west,half=bottom,shape=inner_right": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_inner", "y": 180, "uvlock": true }, "facing=south,half=bottom,shape=inner_right": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_inner", "y": 90, "uvlock": true }, "facing=north,half=bottom,shape=inner_right": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_inner", "y": 270, "uvlock": true }, "facing=east,half=bottom,shape=inner_left": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_inner", "y": 270, "uvlock": true }, "facing=west,half=bottom,shape=inner_left": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_inner", "y": 90, "uvlock": true }, "facing=south,half=bottom,shape=inner_left": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_inner" }, "facing=north,half=bottom,shape=inner_left": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_inner", "y": 180, "uvlock": true }, "facing=east,half=top,shape=straight": { "model": "block/stone_stairs", "x": 180, "uvlock": true }, "facing=west,half=top,shape=straight": { "model": "block/stone_stairs", "x": 180, "y": 180, "uvlock": true }, "facing=south,half=top,shape=straight": { "model": "block/stone_stairs", "x": 180, "y": 90, "uvlock": true }, "facing=north,half=top,shape=straight": { "model": "block/stone_stairs", "x": 180, "y": 270, "uvlock": true }, "facing=east,half=top,shape=outer_right": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_outer", "x": 180, "y": 90, "uvlock": true }, "facing=west,half=top,shape=outer_right": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_outer", "x": 180, "y": 270, "uvlock": true }, "facing=south,half=top,shape=outer_right": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_outer", "x": 180, "y": 180, "uvlock": true }, "facing=north,half=top,shape=outer_right": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_outer", "x": 180, "uvlock": true }, "facing=east,half=top,shape=outer_left": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_outer", "x": 180, "uvlock": true }, "facing=west,half=top,shape=outer_left": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_outer", "x": 180, "y": 180, "uvlock": true }, "facing=south,half=top,shape=outer_left": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_outer", "x": 180, "y": 90, "uvlock": true }, "facing=north,half=top,shape=outer_left": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_outer", "x": 180, "y": 270, "uvlock": true }, "facing=east,half=top,shape=inner_right": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_inner", "x": 180, "y": 90, "uvlock": true }, "facing=west,half=top,shape=inner_right": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_inner", "x": 180, "y": 270, "uvlock": true }, "facing=south,half=top,shape=inner_right": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_inner", "x": 180, "y": 180, "uvlock": true }, "facing=north,half=top,shape=inner_right": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_inner", "x": 180, "uvlock": true }, "facing=east,half=top,shape=inner_left": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_inner", "x": 180, "uvlock": true }, "facing=west,half=top,shape=inner_left": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_inner", "x": 180, "y": 180, "uvlock": true }, "facing=south,half=top,shape=inner_left": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_inner", "x": 180, "y": 90, "uvlock": true }, "facing=north,half=top,shape=inner_left": { "model": "block/stone_stairs_inner", "x": 180, "y": 270, "uvlock": true } } } And the json model for the item is: { "parent": "block/stairs", "textures": { "bottom": "block/terracotta", "top": "block/terracotta", "side": "block/terracotta" } } I don't understand what may be causing the errors show in the log. PS: I'm also having issues passing a texture on a multipart blockstate (For a fence) I'm not sure in this case, how should I convert this file to be able to pass a texture, for example #post into the block model json. Blockstate { "multipart": [ { "apply": { "model": "terracottaworld:block/terracotta_post" }}, { "when": { "north": "true" }, "apply": { "model": "block/oak_fence_side", "uvlock": true } }, { "when": { "east": "true" }, "apply": { "model": "block/oak_fence_side", "y": 90, "uvlock": true } }, { "when": { "south": "true" }, "apply": { "model": "block/oak_fence_side", "y": 180, "uvlock": true } }, { "when": { "west": "true" }, "apply": { "model": "block/oak_fence_side", "y": 270, "uvlock": true } } ] } Block model (Let's say I change block/terracotta with #post here. { "parent": "block/fence_post", "textures": { "texture": "block/terracotta" } } Everything renders, so no sure why the warnings/errors?
  10. Thanks a lot. I guess I was missing the "forge_marker": 1, Got it working now
  11. Is this even possible? I have several blocks that all use the same Model and all I need to be changed on each of them is a texture. Is it possible from the Blockstate .json file to pass the texture along?
  12. Sorry if this question was asked before, I sure it was, but couldn't find it with the search on the forum. How would I do it so once an specific Minecraft item is collected, a recipe on my mod gets unlocked and added to the book. Without doing anything, once I craft my block, the book remembers the recipe but how would I do it so when the player collects an specific block, my recipe shows on the book? Thanks in advance.
  13. Is it common that when running from within IntelliJ it just comes as "NONE" I assume it's because we don't have a jar file yet. But on my mods.toml file I have version="${file.jarVersion}" and on build.gradle I have this version = '1.0' group = 'mramericanmike.terracottaworld' // http://maven.apache.org/guides/mini/guide-naming-conventions.html archivesBaseName = 'TerracottaWorld' jar { manifest { attributes([ "Specification-Title": "terracottaworld", "Specification-Vendor": "mramericanmike", "Specification-Version": "1", // We are version 1 of ourselves "Implementation-Title": project.name, "Implementation-Version": "${version}", "Implementation-Vendor" :"mramericanmike", "Implementation-Timestamp": new Date().format("yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ssZ") ]) } } I think it should be good to work like that right? I'm not taking the value from a java file, but at least it will update when I change it for the build.
  14. So I'm slowly getting back into modding for 1.14.4 and of course, a lot of things have changed and I have many questions for sure and will have even more. This is a simple one to get more information about the TOML file. We can read on it: # The version number of the mod - there's a few well known ${} variables useable here or just hardcode it version="${file.jarVersion}" #mandatory What are and where can I find the "well known" ${} variables. And what would be the best way to not hardcode that value but be able to read it from one of the .java files in my mod structure?
  15. Thanks. Yes I think the problem was that IntelliJ was trying to use Java 11 instead of 8.
  16. I remember seen this error in the past, but in other projects I have set up, the errors are no longer present, and I don't know what I'm missing or what fixed it. Why is all this showing underlined in red? I understand it's because import java.util.stream.Collectors; can't be resolved. But I don't understand how to fix it.
  17. I think this is related to now blocks using loot tables to pick the drops from, but I can't find where the vanilla blocks drops are specified. In Eclipse I check on Referenced Libraries -> Forge 1.14.4 .... -> net -> Minecraft -> And I get lost, the resources folders is there, but it's probably not the one I'm looking for. Any idea where can I check this? Thanks a lot.
  18. https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/minecraft-snapshot-19w36a CHANGES IN 19W36A Obfuscation maps are now published with all future releases of the game I'm not sure what this exactly means, and what changes (if any) we would expect to see on Forge.
  19. I have few questions about changes on 1.13.2 I remember with previous versions, after running "gradlew setupDecompWorkspace" and "gradlew eclipse" I was able to open that directory on Eclipse and everything was ready to go. Now in 1.13.2 apparently all we need to do is "gradlew eclipse" and "gradlew genEclipseRuns" However after doing that and opening the folder where we run this lines, no environment is ready, but instead we need to open the parent folder and then import that folder where we run de commands as a new project. While this leaves "everything" ready to start working. There are no "Run as" options, even when runClient.launch and runServer.launch files are there. What steps am I doing wrong, or what am I missing? Thanks a lot.
  20. Exact same question so I guess I rather bump than creating a duplicate.
  21. So I was getting into modding once again, but I noticed many things have changed. So even when I was going to skip 1.13.2 I decided to create a project with this version as it's what the documentation is up to. What I have noticed after starting is that it seams that it's not really up to date, unless I'm missing something. For example the Documentation mentions that @Mod accepts different parameters, but in my case, it only accepts "modid" It also mentions a mcmod.info file. But in the example that file isn't there, and what we find is a mods.toml file with information about the mod. Should I not pay attention to the documentation and find out about all the changes somewhere else?
  22. Try with: worldIn.playSound(player, pos, SoundHandler.record1, SoundCategory.RECORDS, 1.0f, 1.0f); Also I believe you don't need the .ogg when creating the Sounds. public class CreateSoundEvent extends SoundEvent { public CreateSoundEvent(String name) { super(new ResourceLocation(ModInfo.MODID, name)); this.setRegistryName(new ResourceLocation(ModInfo.MODID, name)); ModSounds.SOUNDS.add(this); } }
  23. I am having a problem with a mod I tried time ago. Thanks to the help of the people here in the forum I was finally able to make a World Generator, that generates a world of 1 chunk. However I'm noticing some problems. One of them... I am using something like this to know what chunk is the world spawn chunk, and generate a chunk only on that case Something like this: public Chunk generateChunk(int x, int z) { int xCoord = this.world.getSpawnPoint().getX(); int zCoord = this.world.getSpawnPoint().getZ(); int xChunk = xCoord / 16; if (xCoord < 0) { xChunk--; } int zChunk = zCoord / 16; if (zCoord < 0) { zChunk--; } LogHelper.info("SpawnCoord X: " + xCoord + " SpawnCoord Z: " + zCoord); LogHelper.info("Gen Chunk X: " + x + " Gen Chunk Z: " + z); LogHelper.info("Match Chunk X: " + xChunk + " Match Chunk Z: " + zChunk); if (x == xChunk && z == zChunk) { LogHelper.info("MATCH!!!"); Here you can see a log with the problem: https://pastebin.com/HFM0FFwi What's the problem? Well, xCoord and zCoord are both 0 until this happens: [17:01:26] [Server thread/INFO] [com.mramericanmike.onechunk.LogHelper]: SpawnCoord X: 0 SpawnCoord Z: 0 [17:01:26] [Server thread/INFO] [com.mramericanmike.onechunk.LogHelper]: Gen Chunk X: -29 Gen Chunk Z: -57 [17:01:26] [Server thread/INFO] [com.mramericanmike.onechunk.LogHelper]: Match Chunk X: 0 Match Chunk Z: 0 [17:01:26] [Server thread/INFO] [FML]: Loading dimension 5 (New World) (net.minecraft.server.integrated.IntegratedServer@671cdf59) [17:01:27] [Server thread/INFO] [FML]: Loading dimension 1 (New World) (net.minecraft.server.integrated.IntegratedServer@671cdf59) [17:01:27] [Server thread/INFO] [FML]: Loading dimension -1 (New World) (net.minecraft.server.integrated.IntegratedServer@671cdf59) [17:01:27] [Server thread/INFO] [com.mramericanmike.onechunk.LogHelper]: SpawnCoord X: -430 SpawnCoord Z: -859 [17:01:27] [Server thread/INFO] [com.mramericanmike.onechunk.LogHelper]: Gen Chunk X: -39 Gen Chunk Z: -66 [17:01:27] [Server thread/INFO] [com.mramericanmike.onechunk.LogHelper]: Match Chunk X: -27 Match Chunk Z: -54 So what's the problem? Well, sometimes the generation, for example, for the chunk -27/-54 happens while the coords are still 0 so the chunk never gets generated. Don't know what I can do to avoid this. It's like this.world.getSpawnPoint().getX() doesn't return the correct value until the world gets loaded, but how is it that it's already generating if it's not even loaded. Can I get those spawn coords in a different way? Another problem. How can I fix the respawn of a player, because I'm still not 100% sure if they will respawn the whole time inside the same chunk, can I force that, at least until a player sleeps?
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