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[1.12.2] [SOLVED] Tesselator is drawing black when player looks certain angles


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I'm trying to draw arbitrary things in the world. I based my initial work on "MoreOverlays" code (MIT licensed) which renders chunk boundaries and I do have some experience with drawing in OpenGL, but I have no idea why this happens - depending on the angle I'm looking at, it draws as either "partially black speckles" or completely black, instead of the color I set. Furthermore, the hex value given to GlStateManager.color is not always correct (e.g. 0xFFFFFF = pink).


Screenshots of problem:








Current code:


	// tried both RenderWorldLastEvent and DrawBlockHighlightEvent; no difference
	//public void onRenderWorldLast(RenderWorldLastEvent event) {
	public static void drawMonumentPlacementOverlay(DrawBlockHighlightEvent event) {
  		// I know these don't belong here, it's just put here so I can HotSwap my code changes easily in debug mode
		final int lineWidth = 3;
		final int edgeRadius = 1;
		final int edgeColor = 0xFF0000;
		final int middleColor = 0x00FF00;
		final int gridColor = 0xFF0000;

		final EntityPlayer player = Minecraft.getMinecraft().player;
		if (player.getHeldItemMainhand().getItem().equals(Item.getItemFromBlock(ModBlocks.MONUMENT))) {
			GlStateManager.translate(-render.viewerPosX, -render.viewerPosY, -render.viewerPosZ);

			int h = player.world.getHeight();
			int h0 = (int) player.posY;
			int h1 = Math.min(h, Math.max(h0 - 16, 0));
			int h2 = Math.min(h, Math.max(h0 + 16, 0));

			int x0 = player.chunkCoordX * 16;
			int x1 = x0 + 16;
			int x2 = x0 + 8;
			int z0 = player.chunkCoordZ * 16;
			int z1 = z0 + 16;
			int z2 = z0 + 8;

			int radius = edgeRadius * 16;

			GlStateManager.color( ((float)((edgeColor>>16) & 0xFF))/255F, ((float)((edgeColor>>8) & 0xFF))/255F, ((float)(edgeColor & 0xFF))/255F);
			for(int xo=-16-radius; xo<=radius; xo+=16){
				for(int yo=-16-radius; yo<=radius; yo+=16){
					renderEdge(x0-xo, z0-yo, h);


	public static void renderEdge(double x, double z, double h) {
		Tessellator tess = Tessellator.getInstance();
		BufferBuilder renderer = tess.getBuffer();

		renderer.begin(GL11.GL_LINES, DefaultVertexFormats.POSITION);

		renderer.pos(x, 0, z).endVertex();
		renderer.pos(x, h, z).endVertex();




I've seen posts of people seeking answers for similar problems, but they're all for old Minecraft where functions no longer exist or don't solve them.


Greatly appreciate any help!

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3 hours ago, CosmicDan said:

Solved it. The "blank" texture needed to be a solid white, not 100% transparent.

More accurately, the texture needs to have white in its color channels. But most image programs discard text information when the opacity is 0, as it compresses better.

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