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  1. Resolved by using Oracle JDK 1.8. --------------------- Ok everything else is all good, but for some reason the source file cannot be generated. Is this a known issue? Do I have to use Oracle JDK 1.8 instead of OpenJDK 1.8 (tried both HotSpot and OpenJ9 JIT compiler versions, same result)? I have no idea and I'm a bit embarrassed to be asking this, I didn't have this problem with 1.14.3 though. It does mention to "see log for details", but there is no error of any sort in neither console.log nor forge-1.14.4-28.0.55-mci.jar.log - there are no other log file
  2. > Caused by: java.util.zip.ZipException: zip file is empty Start over from scratch, delete .gradle in your HOME folder even. Looks like one of the dependency jar's are bad, that's my guess.
  3. That's completely different. The original error is 100% reproducible in unmodified Forge, but now it's been fixed in 2836. Whatever error you're getting is something else.
  4. Set JAVA_HOME environment variable via system settings (see here for a guide) and then restart your PC. Make sure it is set to a JDK 1.8 installation, e.g. C:\Program Files\Java\jdk_1.8-something-i-don't-remember\ If you still have troubles, try Command Prompt rather than Powershell. Powershell should work but I don't personally know.
  5. Solved it. The "blank" texture needed to be a solid white, not 100% transparent.
  6. Hi, I'm trying to draw arbitrary things in the world. I based my initial work on "MoreOverlays" code (MIT licensed) which renders chunk boundaries and I do have some experience with drawing in OpenGL, but I have no idea why this happens - depending on the angle I'm looking at, it draws as either "partially black speckles" or completely black, instead of the color I set. Furthermore, the hex value given to GlStateManager.color is not always correct (e.g. 0xFFFFFF = pink). Screenshots of problem: Current code: @Su
  7. Howdy, Is this alright or is there a better way? @SubscribeEvent(priority = EventPriority.LOWEST) public void onSomeEventWithResultLate(SomeEventWithResult event) { if (ModConfig.COMPATIBILITY.runLatest) { // do stuff as late as possible so hopefully our result is the one that counts } } @SubscribeEvent(priority = EventPriority.HIGHEST) public void onSomeEventWithResultEarly(SomeEventWithResult event) { if (!ModConfig.COMPATIBILITY.runLatest) { // do stuff as soon as possible to let other mod events override it if they want } } Obviously the id
  8. What about 19? Seems quite a few mods have this problem and nobody knows how to fix it. Maybe you should add an option to dump a stacktrace with these warnings @LexManos because it is a bit of a problem.
  9. Oh wow that seems really obvious now, I already use #getPropertyString in an actual StateMapper already *facepalm* Thanks heaps! An aside, would you happen to have any recommended reading for the latest Forge stuff (in addition to the Forge docs and TheGreyGhost's articles/MBE repo)? I recently read a gist of yours that was helpful.
  10. Hi, I've been trying to figure out how to get a variant property string (for the purposes of building a ModelResourceLocation for a subblock) programmatically, given a block meta and/or blockstate. The variants seem to be ordered the same as meta, but I am not sure if this is always the case. If it is, is there a better way than doing blockState.getValue(blockState.getPropertyKeys(...))? If it is not the case, how would one achieve this? Also, I've noticed there is a getVariants method in BlockStateMapper, but I'm unable to get a handle on the BlockModelShapes as early
  11. This looks like the MCP mappings are wrong or something.... What version of the Forge MDK are you using? What commands did you use? At what stage does this error happen? If this is an error during a ForgeGradle thing (assuming it is), the IDE settings won't mean anything. You don't technically need an IDE at all to make Forge mods. Did you do everything on the official documentation for getting started? I recently setup a new 1.12.1 environment and had no problems with these instructions.
  12. Migrating to the new registration event system solved everything. The simpler BlockRichOreStateMapper I shared above applied through ModelLoader.setCustomStateMapper via ModelRegistryEvent worked perfectly to copy the vanilla block model on registration As is usually the case, only my ignorance was to blame for this frustration. Thanks again guys!
  13. Thanks, I didn't realize that the event priority could help make my blocks register last. Indeed, when using the new Forge registration events, the registration order is as desired: Blocks -> Items -> Renderers. Fingers crossed...!
  14. At the risk of incurring the wrath of Lex, these new Forge changes feel like a serious case of over-engineering (or maybe it's Mojang to blame, or just the fact that it's an API strapped onto a reverse-engineered application...) Determined to get the original goal I wanted - to assign textures/models dynamically from the base block of runtime-generated blocks - I still can't figure out the block model copying. The MBE case seems like it's way too complicated and not necessary for this case - since the models dont need to be *runtime dynamic* - I thought "Why can't I just grab the m
  15. Ah I even have a tab of GreyGhost's MBE repo to help me get up to date, funny! I couldn't get it to work on first attempt but this is quite a bit to take in. However I realize now it's probably better I just copy textures into the mod myself and manually define the ore block extras as it would allow Resource Packs to retexture them too. I'll just only register the ore variants if an oredict entry exists for it, similar to what you do in Ore Flowers. Thanks
  16. Howdy, I've a desire of creating blocks dynamically based on the existence of other blocks in the game. These blocks are duplicates of other blocks but with slightly changed functionality - ore variants, if it's any significance. Everything works perfectly, except the world block models just show the missing texture placeholder (the hand and inventory model/textures are fine). Changes since 1.7.10 have taught me that I need to set a block model which has proven a bit more complicated than overriding getIcon. I think I need to set the IBakedModel somewhere, but all I hav
  17. Fair enough, thanks for the info. I just discovered that Kotlin/Native can now compile for Win32 and also seems to support calling the WinAPI natively, which is... whoa. Kotlin might just be going places afterall!
  18. What do you recommend as a first foray into Kotlin? Or would diving straight in with Forge be OK for someone who already knows Java well? If so, how is that done - with this Forgelin thing?
  19. Lombok *is* used in the enterprise, is very mature (been around longer than Kotlin) and is endorsed by Oracle themselves. Of course, JetBrain's Kotlin is a direct competitor to Oracle's Java so it's not all surprising you've picked a side here. But if I were with a company that, for whatever strange reason, had a policy against Lombok, then I wouldn't be too fond of Java either. I did write out more but decided to snip it - I don't really have strong opinions about this. Just stating that I don't see the point in learning Kotlin *personally* because it has no professional applicati
  20. A lot of the complaints about Java are sourced from it's verbosity - as diesieben07 mentioned. But that verbosity is also the reason why Java is so popular in the enterprise sector - it makes large projects and collaboration MUCH easier. While it's of course a good idea to write lots of inline comments, Java's main benefit is that it's self-documenting. But again, others might consider it as "too verbose". If you plan on making an opensource mod and like collaboration, I think you really should stick with Java. To save time on the verbosity and repetition, use Project Lombok (it's
  21. Bit of an open question, I'll try and be concise. On a 1.7.10 server modpack, all players experience significant lag when logging in to the server and when respawning. I have a hunch that it's waiting on some mod for player-related data to save or load causing it. Questions are: 1) Is this actually possible? 2) Could somebody summarize the "spawn" logic for me or point me in the right direction to examine the flow of code for login/respawn of players? I can check this out easily in an Forge-src workspace. 3) Does anybody have any tips on where I might be able to throw in some de
  22. 1.8 means it's for Minecraft 1.8, that isn't obvious? Looking at my build.gradle, it's not appended like you say - it's also prepended.
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