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World Generation 1.12


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Hello. Currently i am trying to add structures via schematics/nbt to the world. Since the structures aren't chunk sized i would get the "cascading worldgen lag" issue if i just add them to the world.

I tried looking into how minecraft does it but it was really confusing for me so i wrote my own handling instead.

For that i took this approach:

I first search for a position, where the structure can spaw, save it into a WorldSavedData instance and then try generating the structure.

To make sure the structure doesn't go into unloaded chunk everytime before a block is placed i check for the neighbor blocks, if they are in loaded chunk via world.isChunkGeneratedAt(pos).

if they are, i save that chunk so later, when that chunk gets loaded i generate that chunks part of the structure.

Somehow though that check isn't completely good since i'm still occasionally getting that log. Am i missing something there?


The project is on github: https://github.com/Flemmli97/RuneCraftory/tree/master/src/main/java/com/flemmli97/runecraftory/common/world 


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Cascading chunk gen happens when you attempt to place blocks into a neighboring chunk that hasn't been created yet.


Vanilla avoids this by offsetting the generation by +8 and +8 (as the neighboring positive X and Z chunks are guaranteed to already exist, and won't cause them to get generated)

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thats why before i place a block i test wether the chunk is loaded and wether it will load neighbor chunks. it seems not to work in 100% of all cases though.



private boolean isNeighborChunkLoaded(World world, BlockPos pos, List<Position> list)
		BlockPos west = pos.offset(EnumFacing.WEST);
		BlockPos north = pos.offset(EnumFacing.NORTH);
		BlockPos east = pos.offset(EnumFacing.EAST);
		BlockPos south = pos.offset(EnumFacing.SOUTH);
		boolean flagPos = world.isChunkGeneratedAt(pos.getX()>>4, pos.getZ()>>4);
		boolean flagNorth = world.isChunkGeneratedAt(north.getX()>>4, north.getZ()>>4);
		boolean flagWest = world.isChunkGeneratedAt(west.getX()>>4, west.getZ()>>4);
		boolean flagSouth = world.isChunkGeneratedAt(south.getX()>>4, south.getZ()>>4);
		boolean flagEast = world.isChunkGeneratedAt(east.getX()>>4, east.getZ()>>4);
		return flagPos&&flagNorth&&flagWest&& flagSouth&& flagEast;


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I think you just need to go through standard debug -- add some console or logger print statements at critical points in your code and have it print out useful info like what location it is trying to modify. Basically you need to catch the cascading generation "in the act". Once you observe the failing case it is usually pretty obvious what went wrong.

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