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forge server lag java gui using a lot of cpu/ram

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I'm running a personal small 1.7.10 server for just a handfull of ppl having fun together.

Not using any dedicated server but instead just running the forge server on my Windows desktop pc, by starting the forge server jar.(java8) which opens the small java gui showing the server log and tick time.


For quite a while I've been wondering why the server was at a constant ~50% cpu usage and about 1.1gb ram when no one even was logged in for hours, or it just had started and all things were loaded. Since it got quite a few mods installed I always thought it was the mods causing it.


Now by chance I did start the server from the commandline instead, using the nogui option and was quite surprised to see the server's idle cpu usage go down to zero and ram usage went down quite a bit too. 


So if anyone else got lag problems on a local minecraftserver and is using the jar's java gui to run the server, it might be that gui responsible for the lag! Try loading the server through the command line like this: 

java -jar yourserver.jar nogui       

and see if the problem is fixed.

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