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Forge 7.7.0 Minecraft 1.5

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Forge Version: 7.7.0

Minecraft Version: 1.5



Minecraft Forge 7.7.0 Changelog:


Updated to FML v1.5-7.7.0

Updated to Minecraft v1.5



  • Tools for Modders to sign there jars
  • Ability to WorldTypes to display the 'Customize' button and react to it
  • Chunk load events for client side worlds
  • Re-write of block update packets to reduce unneeded tile entity network traffic
  • Registry method to allow for alternative TileEntity names
  • Gave entities and tile entities access to the second render pass for translucency.
  • Re-worked Chest item generation
  • Callback in Item for armors that are currently being worn
  • Callback in item to check if it can be equiped as armor
  • Add item frame transformations to the EntityItem render helper
  • Kill generated timestamp in config files, if you want to retreive this information
  • ItemStack sensitive versions of Item.getPotionEffect and Item.isPotionIngredient
  • Allowed mods to speicy 'domains' for textures: /mods/{domain}/textures/<item|block>/{texture}.png
  • Rework configuration, configs should now use Config.hasChanged to deterne if thehould call save()
  • Callback on TextureStitched to control texture loading
  • New world event for controlling potential entity spawnlists
  • Add an Icon to the LiquidStack, for rendering the liquid in various ways
  • Support the MCP format of partial reobfuscation for portability. Ensure modloader-like compatibility
  • Deprecated Forge's ISidedInventroy, there is a vanilla solution
  • Temporary config option to use legacy furnace slot orientation
  • Scala support! It's still primitive, I hope that people will like it. I do :)
  • Global object registry, also, support the new itemblockwithmetadata constructor
  • Use the reobfuscation maps in the reflection helper for field lookups: should help some reflection cases with the deobf.
  • Change type of connection queue to a concurrent linked queue. Much more efficient, hopefully
  • Some tweaks to the liquid dictionary, to allow for canonical liquid stacks for things like rendering
  • Add call to EntityLiving when counting entities for Spawning Cap
  • Config toggle to atempt to remove TileEntities and Entities that error during there update without fully crashing the server, use at your own risk

Bug Fix:

  • Check in getItem() to allow lowest item ID
  • "Entity already added" when using the dormant chunk cache system
  • Catch exceptions in TileEntityChestRenderer
  • Issues with vanilla blocks and silk touch
  • Chunk manager will nolonger issue tickets over the configured limit
  • TESR Culling for double chests, beacons, and enchanting tables
  • ServerBrand retriever- forge is now forge,fml
  • Profiler issue with RenderGlobal patch
  • EventTransformer throwing an NPE when transforming a class that doesn't exist
  • Fortune modifier always passed as 0 to idDropped
  • Stacking of items in creative invetories for deletion
  • LiquidStack.isLiquidEqual(ItemStack) properly check the contained liquid, in addition to obvious id/meta
  • Actually use the line parameter in ServerChatEvent
  • Entity colision above max world height, and below 0
  • Disable automatic equipt of picked up items for players, and fixed index issues in Player.setCurrentItemOrArmor
  • Movement speed hack checks
  • WorldGen*Trees shoud now respect custom soils
  • ItemSeedFood respecting custom soils
  • Capture Minecraft logs into FML logging
  • Early define CrashReport classes to combat invalid crash details
  • State transition derp when the server crashes with an error- it shouldn't double-derp
  • Multi-part entity children ID issue, mobs with custom spawning must deal with child ids themselves.
  • "0 mods" display when installed in forge.
  • Coremods without a manifest crashing the game
  • RenderItem to work with items that use the terrain texture map that aren't in the block ID range


This is a MAJOR update to the rendering engine, so some mods may time a while to update. However, we have had 1.5 builds of Forge ready seince mid January. so many mods are already udpating. Pushing this as out first build for 1.5 as 1.5 officially released today.


Major Changes:

  • Runtime Deobfusication:
      FML will deobfusicate minecraft to srg names at runtime, this should provide a staibler codebase for modders to develop against. We also added tools for modders to allow them to obfusicate there mods to these srg names. What does this mean? Potentially, smaller mods will not have to update for new versions of minecraft. However, this is NOT a garentee of this as we can never garentee what will happen when minecraft updates. And all mods should always go throught the mod author when dealing with issues. Especially when it comes to cross-version mods. This also means, for you modders, that crash logs will be eaiser to read whoot!
  • New branched build system:
      The FML and Forge development cycle has been changed to add support for paralell version building. Allow us to easily build forge for multiple versions of Minecraft without screwing up our build servers. What does this mean? Easier development for PR submitters. Allows us to easily develop minecraft for snapshots while still working on the main official release. And just all around smoother development.
  • Minecraft Rendering Engine:
      Minecraft has moved to a runtime stitcher for there textures. This allows all textures int he game to be stitched together in memory and treated as a single texture. What does this mean? No more need for custom sprite sheets in Forge. Mod authors need to split there spritesheets into single files and have the engine put them back together. For the end user, this could be a significant performance increase for older graphics cards who had issues swaping textures all the time.
  • TESR Culling:
      This was added at the end of the 1.4.7 cycle so i'll mention it here. Forge will now attempt to optimize the rendering of TileEntities by not rendering tile entities that are not on the screen. What does this mean? For the end user a SIGNIFICANT performance increase in areas with a lot of tile entites. However! The downside is there might be some rendering issues while modders adapt. Namely tile entities 'dissapearing' when they are ont he edges of your view area. Simply report these to the mod authors and allow them time to update to the new system. It's well worth the small growing pains. To modders: You simply need to implement TileEntity.getRenderBoundingBox() properly for your tile entities.

There are MANY more changes all over Minecraft itself, FML and Forge. However, I honestly can't remember them all of the top of my head. This is the first major release of Forge for the MC 1.5 branch, spo as always there may be bugs. Please follow the forum rules and search before reporting a bug. And ALWAYS post a log when you make reports. Remember the logs can be found in your .minecraft folder.


Also when updating REMEBER always remember to check your coremods folder before reporting errors!

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/lexmanos
Paypal: http://paypal.me/LexManos

BitCoin: 1Q8rWvUNMM2T1ZfDaFeeYQyVXtYoeT6tTn

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    • I just realized you are using a non-supported version of Forge based on the parameters of the render method as they are pre-1.15. The only versions supported are those in the blue banner at the top of the screen. Please update to one of the above versions to receive more support.
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