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[1.12.2] Recommanded way of accessing the mods folder?


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My mod requires access to some content files that are stored in the mods/ folder. Client-side, I access that folder this way:


new File(Minecraft.getMinecraft().mcDataDir, "mods")


This seems to work fine even for people with customised setup.


For servers however I currently do this:


new File(new File("."), "mods")


Which works fine with a default install but apparently cause issues for people with customized setups.


Is there a cleaner way to do this on servers? An equivalent to Minecraft.getMinecraft().mcDataDir? It seems a little odd to me that this method only exists client-side. Otherwise I suppose I could instead check the location of the jar my mod is running from, that feels hacky.





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You can use Loader#getConfigDir to get the configuration directory then step a directory higher and enter the mods directory since both config and mods directories are located within the same directory. 

You could also use reflection to access Loader.canonicalModsDir. 

There might be a better way that I am unaware of though.

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If you need to read something out of the jar file, use Class#getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream(resourceName);

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