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Custom Modpack Server Crash

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1.7.10 is no longer supported on this forum due to its age, please update to receive support.

This is my Forum Signature, I am currently attempting to transform it into a small guide for fixing easier issues using spoiler blocks to keep things tidy.


As the most common issue I feel I should put this outside the main bulk:

The only official source for Forge is https://files.minecraftforge.net, and the only site I trust for getting mods is CurseForge.

If you use any site other than these, please take a look at the StopModReposts project and install their browser extension, I would also advise running a virus scan.


For players asking for assistance with Forge please expand the spoiler below and read the appropriate section(s) in its/their entirety.


Logs (Most issues require logs to diagnose):


Please post logs using one of the following sites (Thank you Lumber Wizard for the list):

https://gist.github.com/100MB Requires member (Free)

https://pastebin.com/: 512KB as guest, 10MB as Pro ($$$)

https://hastebin.com/: 400KB

Do NOT use sites like Mediafire, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, or a site that has a countdown before offering downloads.


What to provide:

...for Crashes and Runtime issues:

Minecraft 1.14.4 and newer:

Post debug.log

Older versions:

Please update...


...for Installer Issues:

Post your installer log, found in the same place you ran the installer

This log will be called either installer.log or named the same as the installer but with .log on the end

Note for Windows users:

Windows hides file extensions by default so the installer may appear without the .jar extension then when the .log is added the log will appear with the .jar extension


Where to get it:

Mojang Launcher: When using the Mojang launcher debug.log is found in .minecraft\logs.


Curse/Overwolf: If you are using the Curse Launcher, their configurations break Forge's log settings, fortunately there is an easier workaround than I originally thought, this works even with Curse's installation of the Minecraft launcher as long as it is not launched THROUGH Twitch:

  1. Make sure you have the correct version of Forge installed (some packs are heavily dependent on one specific build of Forge)
  2. Make a launcher profile targeting this version of Forge.
  3. Set the launcher profile's GameDir property to the pack's instance folder (not the instances folder, the folder that has the pack's name on it).
  4. Now launch the pack through that profile and follow the "Mojang Launcher" instructions above.






or alternately, 


Fallback ("No logs are generated"):

If you don't see logs generated in the usual place, provide the launcher_log.txt from .minecraft


Server Not Starting:


If your server does not start or a command window appears and immediately goes away, run the jar manually and provide the output.


Reporting Illegal/Inappropriate Adfocus Ads:


Get a screenshot of the URL bar or copy/paste the whole URL into a thread on the General Discussion board with a description of the Ad.

Lex will need the Ad ID contained in that URL to report it to Adfocus' support team.


Posting your mod as a GitHub Repo:


When you have an issue with your mod the most helpful thing you can do when asking for help is to provide your code to those helping you. The most convenient way to do this is via GitHub or another source control hub.

When setting up a GitHub Repo it might seem easy to just upload everything, however this method has the potential for mistakes that could lead to trouble later on, it is recommended to use a Git client or to get comfortable with the Git command line. The following instructions will use the Git Command Line and as such they assume you already have it installed and that you have created a repository.


  1. Open a command prompt (CMD, Powershell, Terminal, etc).
  2. Navigate to the folder you extracted Forge’s MDK to (the one that had all the licenses in).
  3. Run the following commands:
    1. git init
    2. git remote add origin [Your Repository's URL]
      • In the case of GitHub it should look like: https://GitHub.com/[Your Username]/[Repo Name].git
    3. git fetch
    4. git checkout --track origin/master
    5. git stage *
    6. git commit -m "[Your commit message]"
    7. git push
  4. Navigate to GitHub and you should now see most of the files.
    • note that it is intentional that some are not synced with GitHub and this is done with the (hidden) .gitignore file that Forge’s MDK has provided (hence the strictness on which folder git init is run from)
  5. Now you can share your GitHub link with those who you are asking for help.

[Workaround line, please ignore]


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    • Sorry for the late reply but I removed parry mod and its fixed! Thanks for the help, much appreciated!
    • The mods you are using use Mixin. You are using Java 19. Java 19 breaks Mixin somehow. You must downgrade to Java 17.
    • Can you send the crash report? Crash reports are usually very helpful and most of the time say exactly what mod caused the problem. Also, you should note that throwing 226 mods together all at once is a very bad idea because if you get a crash, it is VERY hard to find which of the 226 mods caused the problem. Also shoving mode mods into it won't fix the problem, if anything it will make it worse.
    • Tenía el mismo error y lo solucioné actualizando Java, quizá te funcione.
    • Okay, so I had this modpack that I made (I have no idea what I'm doing with it, I just thought: hey, i like these (x, y, and z mods) mods, and I haven't found one already made that I like or has current mod updates, so I shoved a bunch of mods I like, and stabilizing/QoL mods to hopefully help make it work. The current count is 226 mods in one pack, and I am getting an error code 1. I had just added some other mods to hopefully stabilize it better, when this happened and now I am immediately kicked to a crash report. I frankly have no idea what went wrong, or how to fix it, so I am posting here to ask for help.       Mod List: [1.18.2] BobLib-0.3.0.jar   3dskinlayers-forge-1.5.2-mc1.18.2.jar   AI-Improvements-1.18.2-0.5.2.jar   angelring-1.18.2-2.0.2.jar   Apotheosis-1.18.2-5.7.7.jar   archarsenal-1.18.2-1.1.jar   archers_paradox-1.18.2-   architectury-4.11.89-forge.jar   ars_creo-1.18.2-2.1.4.jar   ars_elemental-1.18.2-   ars_industria-1.18.2-0.1.jar   ars_nouveau-1.18.2-2.8.0.jar   ars_scalaes-1.18.2-1.8.1-rework.jar   artifacts-1.18.2-4.2.0.jar   AttributeFix-Forge-1.18.2-14.0.2.jar   AutoRegLib-1.7-53.jar   Avaritia-1.18.2-   badpackets-forge-0.1.3.jar   balm-3.2.2+0.jar   BasicEndOres-1.18.2-2.1.0.jar   baubley-heart-canisters-1.18.2-1.0.0.jar   bdlib-   BedBenefits-Forge-1.18.2-6.0.2.jar   BetterAdvancements-1.18.2-   BetterCompatibilityChecker-1.1.21-build.48+mc1.18.2.jar   betterinvisibility-1.18.1-1.0.4.jar   betterstats-2.2+1.18.2.jar   BetterThirdPerson-Forge-1.18.2-1.9.0.jar   bfendcities-1.0.jar   Bookshelf-Forge-1.18.2-13.2.52.jar   BotanyPots-Forge-1.18.2-8.1.25.jar   BotanyTrees-Forge-1.18.2-4.0.6.jar   bygonenether-1.2.2-1.18.2.jar   caelus-forge-1.18.1-   caitsmod-0.1.0-1.18.2.jar   catalogue-1.6.2-1.18.2.jar   citadel-1.11.3-1.18.2.jar   clienttweaks-forge-1.18.1-7.1.0.jar   cloth-config-6.4.90-forge.jar   Clumps-forge-1.18.2-8.0.0+17.jar   CodeChickenLib-1.18.2-   cofh_core-1.18.2-   collective-1.18.2-6.43.jar   colytra-forge-1.18.1-   comforts-forge-1.18.2-   CommonCapabilities-1.18.2-2.8.2.jar   Controlling-forge-1.18.2-9.0+22.jar   convenientcurioscontainer-1.11-1.18.2.jar   cookiecore-1.18.2-4.0.1-6677a05.jar   CosmeticArmorReworked-1.18.2-v2a.jar   craftingtweaks-forge-1.18.2-14.0.3.jar   create-1.18.2-0.5.0.i.jar   CreativeCore_FORGE_v2.6.15_mc1.18.2.jar   CTM-1.18.2-1.1.5+5.jar   Cucumber-1.18.2-5.1.3.jar   curioofundying-forge-1.18-   curios-forge-1.18.2-   curious-armor-stands-1.18.1-4.0.0.jar   curiouselytra-forge-1.18.1-   curiouslanterns-1.18.2-1.2.0.jar   curiouslights-forge-1.3.0+1.18.2.jar   curiousshulkerboxes-forge-1.18.1-   CyclopsCore-1.18.2-1.16.2.jar   DarkerDepths-1.18.2-1.0.6-patch4.jar   darkness-forge-mc118-2.0.91.jar   DarkUtilities-Forge-1.18.2-10.1.6.jar   debugify-1.10.0-forge-1.18.2.jar   defaultoptions-forge-1.18.2-14.1.1.jar   Ding-1.18.2-Forge-1.4.0.jar   druidcraftrg-0.0.12.jar   DungeonCrawl-1.18.2-2.3.10.jar   DungeonsArise-1.18.2-2.1.52-release.jar   dynamiclights-1.18.6.jar   dynview-1.18.2-2.8.jar   EasyMagic-v3.3.0-1.18.2-Forge.jar   eccentrictome-1.18.2-1.9.1.jar   elenaidodge2-1.0.2.jar   elevatorid-1.18.2-1.8.4.jar   End Mod 2.1.1.jar   EnderBags-1.18.1-8.0.0.jar   enderchests-1.18-1.9.7.jar   endercrop-1.18.2-1.7.0-beta.jar   EnderStorage-1.18.2-   endertanks-1.18-1.11.8.jar   endportalrecipe-1.18.2-5.0.jar   End's Phantasm - BETAv1.2.9.2 - 1.18.2.jar   Enhanced_Celestials-forge-1.18.2-2.0.7.jar   EnigmaticLegacy-2.25.0.jar   enlightened-end-1.18.2-v28.jar   Entity_Collision_FPS_Fix-forge-1.18.2-1.0.0.jar   entityculling-forge-mc1.18-1.5.1.jar   EquipmentCompare-1.18.2-forge-1.3.3.jar   everycomp-1.18.2-1.5.15.jar   expandability-6.0.0.jar   ExplorersCompass-1.18.2-1.3.0-forge.jar   Fairy's End v24[UnholyCursed].jar   FallingTree-1.18.2-3.5.4.jar   fancymenu_forge_2.13.3_MC_1.18.2.jar   FarmersDelight-1.18.2-1.2.0.jar   FastFurnace-1.18.2-6.0.3.jar   FastWorkbench-1.18.2-6.1.1.jar   feathers-1.0.3.jar   feature_nbt_deadlock_be_gone_forge-2.0.0+1.18.2.jar   ferritecore-4.2.2-forge.jar   findme-3.0.6-forge.jar   flywheel-forge-1.18.2-0.6.8.a.jar   forbidden_arcanus-1.18.2-2.1.1.jar   forgivingvoid-forge-1.18.1-6.0.1.jar   FpsReducer2-forge-1.18.2-2.0.jar   ftb-chunks-forge-1802.3.13-build.234.jar   ftb-library-forge-1802.3.9-build.167.jar   ftb-teams-forge-1802.2.10-build.96.jar   geckolib-forge-1.18-3.0.57.jar   goblintraders-1.8.0-1.18.2.jar   graphutil-forge-1.0.0-mc1.18.2.jar   healingcampfire-1.18.2-5.0.jar   hexerei-0.2.2.jar   homing_ender_eye-1.18.2-1.2.3.jar   Iceberg-1.18.2-forge-1.0.49.jar   inventoryessentials-forge-1.18.2-4.0.2.jar   inventorysorter-1.18-19.0.0.jar   ironchest-1.18.2-13.2.11.jar   item-filters-forge-1802.2.8-build.47.jar   ItShallNotTick-1.0.22-build.34.jar   Jade-1.18.2-forge-5.2.6.jar   jei-1.18.2-   jeiintegration_1.18.2-   JEITweaker-1.18.2-   JustEnoughResources-1.18.2-   knightcore-1.18.2-1.1.jar   konkrete_forge_1.6.0_MC_1.18-1.18.2.jar   kotlinforforge-3.9.1-all.jar   L_Enders Cataclysm-0.51-hotfix-1.18.2.jar   letmedespawn-1.18.x-1.19.x-forge-1.0.3.jar   libIPN-forge-1.18.2-2.0.2.jar   LibX-1.18.2-3.2.18.jar   Magic Shards.jar   magicfeather-1.18.2-4.2.0.jar   mahoutsukai-1.18.2-v1.34.38.jar   Mantle-1.18.2-1.9.43.jar   MaxHealthFix-Forge-1.18.2-5.0.1.jar   mcjtylib-1.18-6.0.20.jar   mna-   modnametooltip-1.18.1-1.18.0.jar   moredragoneggs-3.1.jar   MoreSlotSwap-v1.0.1-mc1.18.2-forge.jar   MouseTweaks-forge-mc1.18-2.21.jar   MyServerIsCompatible-1.18-1.0.jar   Nameless Trinkets-1.18.2-1.6.10.jar   naturalist-forge-1.1.1-1.18.2.jar   NaturesCompass-1.18.2-1.9.7-forge.jar   Neat-1.8-31.jar   netherportalfix-forge-1.18-9.0.0.jar   observable-2.2.3-forge.jar   OpenLoader-Forge-1.18.2-12.0.1.jar   overloadedarmorbar-1.18.2-6.jar   Patchouli-1.18.2-71.1.jar   PigPen-Forge-1.18.2-8.0.1.jar   Placebo-1.18.2-6.6.6.jar   polylib-forge-1801.0.2-build.13.jar   polymorph-forge-1.18.2-0.46.jar   potionsmaster-0.5.9-1.18.2-40.0.2.jar   Prism-1.18.2-1.0.1.jar   PuzzlesLib-v3.3.5-1.18.2-Forge.jar   ReAuth-1.18-Forge-4.0.6.jar   refinedstorage-1.10.4.jar   REIPluginCompatibilities-forge-8.0.42.jar   relics-1.18.2-   reliquary-1.18.2-   repurposed_structures_forge-5.1.14+1.18.2.jar   rhino-forge-1802.2.1-build.255.jar   RingOfEnderchest-Forge-1.18.2-1.4.8.jar   RingsOfAscension-1.18.2-1.0.1.jar   RoughlyEnoughItems-8.3.588.jar   ScalableCatsForce-2.13.10-build-12-with-library.jar   ScalingHealth-1.18.2-6.3.0+5.jar   selene-1.18.2-1.17.9.jar   shetiphiancore-1.18-3.10.12.jar   shutupexperimentalsettings-1.0.5.jar   silent-lib-1.18.2-6.2.0.jar   simplearchivist-0.5-1.18.2.jar   simpleheartsbeta.jar   smoothboot(reloaded)-mc1.18.2-0.0.2.jar   SmoothMenu-1.18.2-1.0.0.jar   sophisticatedbackpacks-1.18.2-   sophisticatedcore-1.18.2-   sophisticatedstorage-1.18.2-   spark-1.9.11-forge.jar   starterkit-1.18.2-5.0.jar   structure_gel-1.18.2-2.4.7.jar   supermartijn642configlib-1.1.6-forge-mc1.18.jar   supermartijn642corelib-1.1.1a-forge-mc1.18.jar   supplementaries-1.18.2-1.5.16.jar   TConstruct-1.18.2-   Tips-Forge-1.18.2-5.0.11.jar   TipTheScales-forge-1.18.2-5.0.6.jar   titanium-1.18.2-3.5.7-39.jar   ToastControl-1.18.2-6.0.3.jar   ToolStats-Forge-1.18.2-9.0.3.jar   torchmaster-18.1.0.jar   trashslot1.18.2.jar   UnusualEnd1.18_V1.3.0.jar   upgradedcore-1.18.2-   upgradednetherite-1.18.2-   valhelsia_core-forge-1.18.2-0.4.0.jar   valhelsia_structures-forge-1.18.2-0.1.0.jar   valhelsia_tweaks-forge-1.18.2-0.1.0.jar   valkyrienskies-118-2.1.0-beta.10.jar   villagertools-1.18-1.0.2.jar   VisualWorkbench-v3.3.0-1.18.2-Forge.jar   voidtotem-forge-1.18.2-1.3.1.jar   waystone_towers-1.18.2-FORGE-1.0.9.jar   waystones-forge-1.18.2-10.1.0.jar   whats-that-slot-forge-1.2.3+1.18.1.jar   WitherSkeletonTweaks-1.18.2-7.1.3.jar   wmitaf-forge-mc1.18.2-2.4.0.jar   wyml-forge-1.18.2-1.1.4.jar   Xaeros_Minimap_22.17.1_Forge_1.18.2.jar   XaerosWorldMap_1.28.8_Forge_1.18.2.jar   YungsApi-1.18.2-Forge-2.2.7.jar   YungsBetterDesertTemples-1.18.2-Forge-1.3.1.jar   YungsBetterDungeons-1.18.2-Forge-2.1.0.jar   YungsBetterMineshafts-1.18.2-Forge-2.2.jar   YungsBetterOceanMonuments-1.18.2-Forge-1.0.3.jar   YungsBetterStrongholds-1.18.2-Forge-2.1.1.jar   YungsExtras-1.18.2-Forge-2.1.0.jar
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