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Modders Needed! (Minecraft MMO project)


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Hey so I've been working on a plan for a minecraft adventure map, however the plan was so massive and had so much that needed work with, I realized I need a legitimate team to help me create it all. Not only that, but this adventure map was so huge, I realized I could turn it into a sort of MMO. So, I decided to post this here!

While I have a good plot being developed and can build well enough myself, I'm in desperate need of builders, teraformers, texture developers, etc.  The biggest thing I need help with however is modding.  Which is what brought me to posting on CurseForge.


I am not at all good at coding whatsoever, and any program I have found that lets me make mods without coding is limited.  So I wanted to see if you guys would be willing to help me develop the mods I need for this server.  An idea of some of the mods are listed in the spoiler below:



Magic Mod - A unique style which fits the lore of the world itself, and can be sorted neatly into different classes

Dark Magic - Obviously a dark, more twisted version of the original magic mod

Equipment leveling - More details if you decide to help out

New Gear, Materials and weapons - A typical mod you usually see save for it's more accurate to the world's lore

Stamina mod - more details if you decide to help out

Mythical beasts and monsters - Usual fantasy monsters + dragons and the like

Deity mod - A system specifically for this world and server

Professions mod - more details if you decide to help out


If you look at the list..  It's quite the list  :'3


Which is why I wanted to get help from as many people as I can.  Even if you aren't able to do so, it would really help if you spread the word and see if anyone is willing and able to help me out with these mods.  While I know there are lots of mods out there  (trust me I've looked)  there are little to no mods that match the requirements of the list above.  Some of said mods were good but lacked the proper lore and actually go against lore, and some just aren't the right version.


Speaking of version, I am planning to use the version which has the new combat update.  Emphasis on planning.  Depending on whether or not the mod can be made and how difficult it will be to make it, I think I have a way to balance it out to make the combat fun for everyone in the minecraft MMO server.


And that's it!  If you're interested or have ideas/suggestions to share please let me know in the comments, or send a PM!


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2 hours ago, Telemindred said:

New Gear, Materials and weapons - A typical mod you usually see save for it's more accurate to the world's lore

I will happily help with this

About Me


My Discord - Cadiboo#8887

My WebsiteCadiboo.github.io

My ModsCadiboo.github.io/projects

My TutorialsCadiboo.github.io/tutorials

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I'll be honest I didn't expect so much help so fast!  Right now the version I'm looking at is 1.10.2.  Zoomiti it's cool that you don't do textures, it's why I was hoping to get a team of coders so that we all share the load.  Cadiboo I'm so glad to hear you're on board with it and would greatly appreciate help!  Besides DqneGqminx does everyone have a discord account??

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Discord server should be up and running soon guys.  Anyone who's interested in working on, or eventually work on the mods once the aquatic update comes out, please let me know!  While waiting we can discuss what we want with this minecraft mmo, what mods would be required of it, and planning these mods in detail so we can be prepared once the new update is out

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That was the original idea since most of the mods we could download rather than make were on that version.  MDW01 suggested we wait until the aquatic update though.  Which, if we did do that, we would need to wait for at least Custom NPC mods to update.  Hopefully they'll make the option of underwater movement at last in this upcoming update.


Speaking of updates though..  How difficult is it to update a mod?

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