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A general "RenderEntityEvent"

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Something I'm working on right now needs to be able to rotate minecarts on the z axis before they render,

so I wrote the whole thing thinking there would be some kind of RenderEntityEvent I could use.


I've found RenderPlayerEvent and RenderLivingEvent but I can't find anything that fires for just any entity.

My guess is it hasn't been implemented because it would fire a lot, which I sort of understand.


I'd really appreciate one of these in a future Forge version, or at least the reason why it hasn't been implemented... or if it actually has been implemented can someone please tell me how to use it?


I know one workaround involving overriding the handler in RenderingRegistry; as far as I can tell registering the new handler requires you to know the class of the entity to override, which is not great if you want to use Capabilities to work with mod entities as well.


Thanks for reading.

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3 minutes ago, MoeBoy76 said:

Whoops, i meant RenderLivingEvent, since i assume that’s for all EntityLiving Objects

RenderLivingEvent fires for living entities. Minecarts are not living entities.

Edited by diesieben07
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