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Textures going black 1.12.2


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Forge version:


Two players on my custom mod pack server are having an issue where their textures will turn completely black. The textures look normal when underwater but that's it. The water is a greyish color when far away and when up close turns a different color(can't remember the exact color). They both have AMD gpus and they are both newer cards set up for gaming(no overclock). This is the only similarity between these two players and I'll include a screenshot for clarity's sake. 


How do I go about diagnosing such an issue? We've looked in the logs and can't seem to find much for when it happens, and the forum I'm directed to for a solution is down for maintenance for quite some hours now. 


Things we've tried:

Setting mipmaps to 0(multiple times) 

Updating gpu drivers


Going to resource packs and clicking 'Done'

Toggling vsync on/off

Messing around with amd settings (as a nvidia user I have very little to go off of so all suggestions are welcome) 


I've also got a list of mods that I am suspicious about from reading the logs:


Dynamic surroundings

Serene Seasons



Biomes O Plenty

Catwalks 4

Chisels & Bits

Forge Multipart(have had players crash with seemingly random render errors for various mods that use it) 


Anything I could try that I haven't already? The newest threads on this are from like 5 years ago and were all solved via mipmapping seemingly, which doesn't solve this. 


(picture 1 happens constantly to first player, picture 2 has happened, to date, twice to second player) 




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