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Minecraft modpack help


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Hello, i have a lot of mods in my modpack, it kinda got a lag spikes.

Ram isn't a problem is kinda mod/mods doing this.

Does anyone knows how to fix these problems?

lag spikes in modpack and stuff like that

and any there that reduces lag spikes?

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There are so many possible causes that without more information, it's impossible to say how to fix your issue. There are general-purpose "optimization" mods, like BetterFPS and Optifine that you could try which might help. (Note, though: you are not legally allowed to distribute a modpack with Optifine in it, so only use Optifine if you're just making the pack for yourself. BetterFPS should be fine to distribute.)

Whatever Minecraft needs, it is most likely not yet another tool tier.

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there are some non-mod options like:

 - set the "max fps" to Unlimited

 - decrease the "render distance" a little bit (to whatever's comfortable for you, I wouldn't make it lower than 8 chunks)

 - use fast graphics

Forge 1.8.9 and below are not supported in the forums anymore. Please upgrade to a later version.


My experimental mod: new GitHub page to be created... (Add your favorite TCGs in MC! [WIP])


When asking for assistance with modding or making mods, paste the log (located in .minecraft/logs folder for mod users or in the console for mod makers).

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