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Simulating keyboard- Moving player while keeping rotationYaw


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I am making a robot mod. The problem I have is that the code I created makes the player look only in one direction: the one in which he walks. I want to allow the yaw rotation to be manually  controlled  while maintaining the same walking direction. Here's my code:

if(Main.pathToFollow.size()>0) {
//Main.pathToFollow is an list of lists-every path is a list of nodes and I will have multiple paths to follow;
			 ArrayList<PathPoint> path=Main.pathToFollow.get(0);
			 PathPoint nextPos=path.get(0);
			 double dx,dy,dz;
			 double dist;
			 //Check if we were moved or something interfered with us and give control back to user
			 if(prev_dist!=-1 && dist>prev_dist+2) {
			 }else prev_dist=dist;
			 if(dist>2) {
				 if(!player.isSprinting()) player.setSprinting(true);
			 }else if(!player.isSprinting()) player.setSprinting(false);//if close to destination shutdown sprinting or we'll miss it
			 if(dist<=0.25D) {
				 // is within targeted block
				 //get the next one
				 if(path.size()==0) {
					move.setForward=0;//if there's another path to follow after this one don't stop..."smooth" walking
			 }else {
				// Face next block
			    float f = (float)(MathHelper.atan2(dz, dx) * (180D / Math.PI)) -90.0f;
			    player.rotationYaw = Main.updateRotation(player.rotationYaw, f, 179.0f);  
			    //double side_amount=Math.cos(Math.toRadians(f))*1;  //1 is amount=1 block
			    //double forward_amount=-Math.sin(Math.toRadians(f))*1;
			    //if side_amount>0.21 then setSide    ....<- is this correct? I hate the 0.21 constant
			    move.setForward=1;  // It's easier to just walk straight ...I don't have to know the typical walking distance when a genuine keypressed event is fired. The amount depends and the ground material : ~0.21
			    if(dy>0) player.jump();			    

 I know that a player moves about 0.21(lowest I have seen) units when a key is pressed. But from the code it looks it depends on the ground material. If I delete the player.rotationYaw code how should I set the left/right/forward/bacwards amount?

Here's the new movement class that deals with keyboard input: it contains the setForward/setJump and setSide:

        if (this.gameSettings.keyBindForward.isKeyDown() || setForward==1)
            this.forwardKeyDown = true;
            this.forwardKeyDown = false;

        if (this.gameSettings.keyBindBack.isKeyDown() || setForward==-1)
            this.backKeyDown = true;
            this.backKeyDown = false;

        if (this.gameSettings.keyBindLeft.isKeyDown() || setSides==-1)
            this.leftKeyDown = true;
            this.leftKeyDown = false;

        if (this.gameSettings.keyBindRight.isKeyDown() || setSides==1)
            this.rightKeyDown = true;
            this.rightKeyDown = false;

So for controlling walking path I can only set setForward /setSides to +-1. A solution?

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What I ask is this:

  I have an origin and a target. I know the distance and the angle I need to get there. I don't know by what amount I move in a direction because it depends on the blocks beneath me. I know that I have arrived at the destination when dist<0.25 units.


  If I press in the same time left and forawrd I will go on 45deg angle. Let's say the angle is 15.  How many times should I press left /forward so that I don't get away too much from the original planned path. It looks very similar to PWM (pulse width modulation)


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Have a look at any blocks you can think of that move the player. Flowing Water? Piston

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