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Making item models share blockstate models


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I am currently making a milk crate where the player 'adds' milk to the block with right click and 'takes it out' with shift right click. The number of bottles stored just uses a blockstate called bottles. I have created 9 different models that change based on the number of bottles but am now stuck on making the item for the block. I want to be able to break a crate with 5 bottles in it and the item dropped have 5 bottles in the model. How is this done as now I only have an empty crate dropped when I break the block no matter the blockstate. 





  "forge_marker": 1,
  "defaults": {
    "model": "cheesetastic:milk_crate_empty",
    "transform": "forge:default-block"
  "variants": {
    "bottles=0": {"model": "cheesetastic:milk_crate_empty"},
    "bottles=1": {"model": "cheesetastic:milk_crate_1"},
    "bottles=2": {"model": "cheesetastic:milk_crate_2"},
    "bottles=3": {"model": "cheesetastic:milk_crate_3"},
    "bottles=4": {"model": "cheesetastic:milk_crate_4"},
    "bottles=5": {"model": "cheesetastic:milk_crate_5"},
    "bottles=6": {"model": "cheesetastic:milk_crate_6"},
    "bottles=7": {"model": "cheesetastic:milk_crate_7"},
    "bottles=8": {"model": "cheesetastic:milk_crate_8"},
    "normal": [{}],
    "inventory": {"model": "cheesetastic:milk_crate_empty"}



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You need to, in some way, store how many bottles there are in the item stack's data.

Then you need to register different models based on that data.

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Thanks, Am I right in saying I can just use damage values for the bottles to items e.g.


	public int damageDropped(IBlockState state) {
		// TODO Auto-generated method stub
		return this.getMetaFromState(state);


How do I then register item models based on the different damage values, will I just have to make 8 different items each with their own model?

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