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Can generation of small floating islands in the end be hooked?


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1 hour ago, Insane96MCP said:

E.g. generate ore on them?)

Use an IWorldGenerator instance like you would normally, but check if it is not within x amount of blocks of 0, 0(I think that is the location of the main island).


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Forge and vanilla BlockState generator.

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Well I'm not sure how well it would perform, but I think you can scan for them. It is even easier if you don't have to find absolutely all of them, but just want to find ones that for example are mostly round. What you could do is have a loop through x, z that jumps in amounts that are half of the size of smallest island you want to detect. At that location you would loop down from the sky (or some decent height) until you find a block (if you find nothing then jump to the next location) and if you find one you'd run a method that checks the area around it to find the min and max x and z that are connected (again if you're not concerned with finding every weird shape you can simplify the concept of "connected"). If the span (difference of max and min) in both the x and y are less than some value then you would declare that you've found a "small" floating island.


It is admittedly slightly complicated and requires some nested loops. But I think it is generally possible to find islands that are somewhat regular in shape.

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