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The problem with the website and downloading files(VERY URGENT)(ADMIN CHECK PLS)


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3 problems !

One -- You cannot download anything (except the jar installer)(In other browsers, too, most!)
Two -- not the right display of the site.

trio -- Even if you find the installation files somewhere - you can not download all the libraries.

Status: current

Wanted to play minecraft)))))Xd





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This is not endorsed and or recommended in any way by the Forge team.

Do this on your own risk.

Only ever install things on your computer that you trust. - diesieben07


Temporary fix... 1.12.2 - Latest
1. Drop "libraries" into ".minecraft" or folder where's your game is installed
2. Install forge "forge-1.12.2-" (
3. Good Luck

Download (Mega.nz)

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