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Invisible blocks bug


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I'm trying to make a mod, and I added it to my server (with a dozen others). It doesn't change the logic or modify the world except after using a command where it will repeatedly call World.setBlock


Problem is, after disabling the logic some blocks are invisible. Like at  some places the server knows there is this block but  I can't see it and when I try and put a block in its place (since my client thinks it's air), either :

- the new block turns to the invisible one

- I can't put the block

- I can palce it and it won't change,  but destroying it will leave the ghost block again


There are some ghost blocks which will block me, other not.


Using worldedit, I can //set 0 and it works, no more bug but I can't do it for all the ghosts. Using //distr shows me it's for example andesite (when I still see air).


Only restarting the server has any effect.


I was wondering if I was missing something, like a method to synchronize the model with the view.


I'm sorry if this is not really detailed, but there is not a lot more code to it, without dropping everything here.

Thanks in advance


EDIT: oddly enough, when I restart the server the ghosts blocks are now visible and it turns out that said blocks where built after deactivating my logic. Which would leave me to think it's not an issue with my mod, but I never encountered that before.


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Well I'd have a better idea if I saw the code, but it sounds to me like the server itself is changing the blocks, but not sending the updated block data to the clients.  I know there's a method that does that somewhere (but I've never needed it so don't know where)...maybe it's not getting called correctly.


I found this bit of code in one of @Draco18s's examples, which may or may not be helpful to you (and now that I pinged him, he can probably tell you whether it will, if he's not busy):

private void sendUpdates()
	worldObj.markBlockRangeForRenderUpdate(pos, pos);
	worldObj.notifyBlockUpdate(pos, getState(), getState(), 3);

And here is a link to the full example



Edit 1 ===================================================

By the way, if it's what I suspect, then having a client log off and on to the server should (temporarily) fix the invisible blocks.  I would also think that if the client moves far enough away for the chunks to unload and comes back, that would probably also (temporarily) fix the blocks.  If neither of those (temporarily) fix the blocks, then you may be looking at some other issue which I cannot fathom.

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Well this piece of code is interesting, even though I tried again and the same issue arise, and again I needed to restart server.


I will try this code, even though it's true that if this was what I was missing leaving and joining back should solve the issue.

The code is fully available here if you have time to take a look https://github.com/vinz243/chiseledit/tree/0832065331c0b1ed723180153aa94bfa947ddec8 (keep this commit, after the code has totally changed)


The main logic is in https://github.com/vinz243/chiseledit/blob/0832065331c0b1ed723180153aa94bfa947ddec8/src/main/java/org/vinz243/chiseledit/tesa/TessellatorContainer.java


EDIT: it may be that when devoluting/revoluting a block (placing it three times around an axis), every  block replicated will call the event again and then fire another revolution ? This might be a source of issue but I hardly see how it would cause this one. But how would it know the player who placed it (which is required for the event).

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Unfortunately I think actually working on your existing code is beyond me; I'd probably have to mess with it for days just to acclimate with that much code, since I'm not used to forge modding yet.


Not sure if you're right about the devolution/revolution thing, because if every call to a method recursively calls itself, you're going to crash fast (unless there are some conditions to break the cycle?).  Maybe I misunderstood though.


But I really do think your issue lies solely in the server not sending the client the new blocks, I just don't have enough experience with minecraft/forge modding to point at a spot in your code.  I suppose one thing to keep in mind is that the client doesn't "clear" blocks (set them to air) automagically either, so your server is telling the client that the blocks are air (or possibly null, though I would assume that would cause larger issues if it were the case), but that may just be a little submethod on the backend somewhere when you're eg. replacing a block with another or something.


All this is just conjecture and possibly superstition, so take it with a grain of salt.  Good luck!

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