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Create a GuiScreen just before the MainMenu, take an Input via GuiTextField, and return to the main Menu


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Effectively, here is the code I've currently been working with:


Main Class:

public void onGuiScreen(GuiOpenEvent event) {
  InputMenu menu;
  if (event.gui instanceof GuiMainMenu) {
    menu = new InputMenu(event.gui);
    event.gui = menu;


InputMenu Class:

public class InputMenu extends GuiScreen {
  private GuiTextField inputField;
  private GuiScreen previousScreen;
  public InputMenu(GuiScreen previousScreen) {
    this.previousScreen = previousScreen; // save the main menu to return to later
  public void initGui() {
    inputField = new GuiTextField(-1, fontRendererObj ...);
  public void drawScreen(int mouseX, int mouseY, float partialTicks) {
  public void updateScreen() {
  protected void keyTyped(char typedChar, int keyCode) throws IOException {
    if (keyCode == Keyboard.KEY_RETURN) {
      // go back to menu
      mc.displayGuiScreen(previousScreen); // doesn't work
    inputField.textboxKeyTyped(typedChar, keyCode);

This isn't returning to the main menu, but is instead staying on the InputMenu screen, and only resetting the textField to empty characters upon pressing enter. I can't get it to return, even though I have set the mc.displayGuiScreen correctly. What might be the issue?



The issue was that GuiOpenEvent got called when I tried to go back to the MainMenu, which, according to my old conditionals, would just display the InputMenu again. Adding a boolean fixed this, by checking if the user has already seen this menu before

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