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[1.12.2] Correct way to use/call ModdedBiomeDecorator?


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Hello there,


Just curious, what is the correct way to call and override and use a moddedBiomeDecorator functions in a custom biome?


Like I've read people saying to override: CreateBiomeDecorator or getModdedBiomeDecorator but how do I call the variables and functions in my biome file? all I can seem to do is call the original decorator stuff.


This example is me, override the getModdedBiomeDecorator but I can't seem to figure out how to call my waterGrassPerChunks generator functions from my ExplorerDecorator.

	public BiomeCoralReef(BiomeProperties properties) {
		topBlock = Blocks.SAND.getDefaultState();
		fillerBlock = Blocks.SAND.getDefaultState();
		this.decorator.clayPerChunk = 0;
		this.decorator.sandPatchesPerChunk = 10;
		this.decorator.gravelPatchesPerChunk = 0;
		this.decorator.waterGrassPerChunk = 0; //This calls an error because well it doesn't exist in the original biome decorator
		this.getModdedBiomeDecorator(decorator).waterGrassPerChunk = 0; //Once again, doesn't work
		getModdedBiomeDecorator(decorator).waterGrassPerChunk = 0; //How do I call the modded biome decorate correctly?

	public BiomeDecorator getModdedBiomeDecorator(BiomeDecorator original) {
		return new ExplorerDecorator();


Now, this is why i'm asking how to do it correctly because this example below, works but i'm pretty much ignoring the entire getModdedBiomeDecorator/createBiomeDecorator functions and am not even overwriting them

    ExplorerDecorator explorerDecorator;
	public BiomeKelpForest(BiomeProperties properties) {
		decorator = new ExplorerDecorator();
		explorerDecorator = (ExplorerDecorator)decorator;
		explorerDecorator.waterGrassPerChunk = 5;


Like it works and all, so I could just keep on doing that but if there is a way to do it correctly through forge, i'd rather use it properly.


So any help or tips would be fantastic!

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