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[CustomNPC] No Interact Lines after Hiring Followers?

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Could someone please help me with Interact Lines for Followers (role, not job)? The NPCs I set up interact with me with the interact lines I assigned them until I hire them, and then they stop saying those lines. They still say other lines (random world lines, interacting with each other, attack lines, etc.). It's just the interact lines that seem to stop happening once I hire them to follow me. (This happens in the latest version, which I downloaded and tried today, and in the previous one, which I'd been using for a few months.) Does hiring a follower cancel out their other interactions with you (outside of follow/wait)?

Thank you so much for your help and for this great mod!

EDIT: Just to clarify: They say the "thanks for hiring me" line after I hire them, but that's the last line they say directly to me. All the rest of the Interact lines (which I edited in the Advanced options) is what they stop saying. Thank you!

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