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[1.12.2] Model register problem


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So, I have two SubscribeEvent methods. One registers all my items (1 so far) and the other registers the models on the client. From many other tutorials, I've seen many styles of this, but they are all different. I'm using this one from cubicoder's tutorial.


public class SoochModelRegEvents { // this is only registered on client and in preinit (placing the register call anywhere else will cause the handler to miss the modelreg events)
    public static void registerModels(ModelRegistryEvent event) {

    private static void registerModel(Item item) {
        ModelLoader.setCustomModelResourceLocation(item, 0, new ModelResourceLocation(item.getRegistryName(), "inventory"));



public class SoochRegisterEvents {
    public static void registerItems(Register<Item> event) {
        final Item[] items = {
                new ItemSooch()



Here's the problem though. Item registering comes after the model registries. Which means that SoochItems.SOOCH is null when the model register events are called.
How do I handle this? Should I just initialize all of my items in an array? This gets rid of the entire point of ObjectHolder, so I wasn't tempted to do it. As I said, every tutorial I can find conflicts in some way. What do I do?

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Alright, may have jumped to conclusions there. But why is SOOCH null? According to the Forge Documentation:
"After the Register<Block> event has fired, all ObjectHolder annotations are refreshed, and after Register<Item> has fired they are refreshed again."
Which means that SOOCH should've been injected, but it's null.


public class SoochItems {
    public static final ItemSooch SOOCH = null;


Is it not injecting because of the uppercased SOOCH variable? I was told before that it automatically lowercases and *then* checks for injection.

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Was this changed recently? I used to use @ObjectHolder filled fields for my model registration and it worked.

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