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Rustic Survival - 1.13.2 - Semi-vanilla - No Whitelist


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Rustic Survival

formerly Kapkaw's 24/7 Survival Server, created 16/03/19

1.13.2 - Survival - Friendly - New - No Whitelist

What does Rustic Survival mean?

Rustic can mean two things - countryside-related and rural, or simply and plainly made.

This server aims to be both.

It is simply and plainly made. We don't swamp you with plugins, drown you in commands, or overwhelm you with a thousand different things to do. This is a basic survival server, with a carefully-selected non-intrusive group of plugins designed to make the game  more enjoyable, without infringing on the classic survival experience.

There are no town or faction systems in this server, no MMO level systems, no turbocars, gadgets or jabberwockies. The pure Minecraft experience is what we're selling, and that's what you'll get. Players are free to make their own communal towns, but this is the natural experience - a rural, natural, countryside survival world.


What do we have?

As above, our plugins have been chosen carefully to make the game more enjoyable for players, without breaking the system or drastically altering the experience.

They are:

GriefPrevention, to allow you to build freely without worrying about the safety of your creations.

Essentials, to make some things slightly more convenient for the player without going too far.

BetterRTP, to allow you to get far away from spawn quickly and enjoy that rustic experience.

ChestShop, to allow players to sell their excess items to one another with ease.

PhantomX, to remove phantoms for a more enjoyable night-time experience.

Additionally, we have an anti-cheat plugin, and a broadcast plugin. That's it!


What do we offer?

This is a reliable, friendly server, with a good community, and an experienced host. You will be treated fairly, equally, with respect, and with kindness. You are free to do whatever you like, in a large (40k by 40k) world, so long as you follow our rules, and keep it fun for everyone.


What are the rules?

1. Be kind to your fellow player.

This is a good, friendly community, and we'd like to keep it that way.

2. No griefing, anywhere

Whether buildings and land are claimed or not, if someone made the effort to create something,

please don't come along and destroy it. Be kind.

3. No stealing, anywhere

Again, claimed or not, please don't steal other peoples blocks and items. Whether it's taking from chests,

or uprooting their farm, please don't do it. Be kind.

4. Don't upset or harass other players

This is a simple one. Don't harass or abuse other players, or ruin their time here. Everyone can have

a pleasant experience, and that's the way it should be. Be kind.

5. No exploits or bug abuse

We have zero tolerance for this. Self-explanatory. Be kind.


Where do I sign up?

We don't have a whitelist, which means anyone is free to join the server, and join our community.

Connect, join in, and have fun!

Our IP is and the server is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (except during restarts.)

We look forward to seeing you in-game!


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