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How to move player camera, while also making it smoothly


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Right now, the camera moves perfectly fine, though the result is quite bad because it stutters a lot. How do I go to making this move smoothly? The method I am using is called on InputUpdateEvent and am using this: 

            if(!handler.isGuiOpen()) {
                int multiplier = 5; //TODO: Will be changed to sensitivity and will add a menu for changing this value

                //Equivalent to (Minecraft.getMinecraft().thePlayer.rotationPitch += controller.getAxes().getHORIZONTAL_RIGHT_STICKER().getValue();)
                    player.addRotationPitch( controller.getAxes().getHORIZONTAL_RIGHT_STICKER().getValue() * multiplier); // -1 is down, 1 is up, 0 is stateless

                    //Equivalent to (Minecraft.getMinecraft().thePlayer.rotationYaw += controller.getAxes().getVERTICAL_RIGHT_STICKER().getValue();)
                    player.addRotationYaw(controller.getAxes().getVERTICAL_RIGHT_STICKER().getValue() * multiplier); // -1 IS DOWN, 1 IS UP, 0 IS STATELESS



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To smooth stuff out you want linear interpolation 

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I'm sorry for necroing this post, if it's better to make a new post I will, but I have a few questions to ask. First I did accomplish smooth camera movement though it was just adding to rotationYaw/rotationPitch every render update, which if I understand it correctly, is per frame. This would mean that movement is going to be inconsistent due to it being basically frame bound if I am correct. In other words someone with 200 fps will move the camera faster than someone with 60 fps with the same sensitivity and movement. 


So as you said I have to use linear interpretation, though I am not entirely sure how to accomplish that. Should I use Minecraft's code to do this or do I have to create my own implementation?

 I've been looking through Minecraft's code and I've seen values such as

(EntityPlayer class)

this.interpTargetYaw = (double)yaw;
this.interpTargetPitch = (double)pitch;

which are modified in

setPositionAndRotationDirect(double x, double y, double z, float yaw, float pitch, int posRotationIncrements, boolean teleport)

Or do I have to do something such as this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/36523396/interpolate-function-using-apache-commons-math or https://stackoverflow.com/questions/28961352/java-image-move-along-points-in-list-and-use-linear-interpolation


If so, how do I accomplish that when I only have the pitch/yaw value achieved from sensitivity * movementAmount



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You should be able to use Minecraft.getMinecraft().timer.renderPartialTicks in your InputUpdateEvent handler to determine how long it's been since the last tick (that number is a float between 0.0f and 1.0f).  Use this to interpolate; interpolation is calculating a value between two values, e.g. 

float interpolated = oldVal + (newVal - oldVal) * partialTicks;

Obviously that means storing the old value as a copy of the latest value each tick.

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So, by old value you mean the old pitch value or old partial ticks? Also is this correct? Because it is too slow at moving and stuttery (Tested with sensitivity = 5 and moves VERY slowly)

            double deadzoneAmount = updateSettings().getDeadzoneRight();

            double oldPitch = player.getRotationPitch();
            double oldYaw = player.getRotationYaw();

            double newPitch = oldPitch + controller.getAxes().getHORIZONTAL_RIGHT_STICKER().getValue() * updateSettings().getSensitivity();
            double newYaw = oldYaw + controller.getAxes().getVERTICAL_RIGHT_STICKER().getValue() * updateSettings().getSensitivity();

            double interpolatedPitch = oldPitch + (newPitch - oldPitch) * handler.partialTicks(); // Is Minecraft.getInstance().getRenderPartialTicks(); 1.13 forge
            double interpolatedYaw = oldYaw + (newYaw - oldYaw) * handler.partialTicks(); // Is Minecraft.getInstance().getRenderPartialTicks(); 1.13 forge

            // (Ignore this, old comment) Equivalent to (Minecraft.getMinecraft().thePlayer.rotationPitch += controller.getAxes().getHORIZONTAL_RIGHT_STICKER().getValue();)
            if (!deadzone(controller.getAxes().getHORIZONTAL_RIGHT_STICKER().getValue(), deadzoneAmount)) {
                interpolatedPitch = (float) oldPitch;
//                player.addRotationPitch((float) (controller.getAxes().getHORIZONTAL_RIGHT_STICKER().getValue() * updateSettings().getSensitivity())); // -1 is down, 1 is up, 0 is stateless

            if (!deadzone(controller.getAxes().getVERTICAL_RIGHT_STICKER().getValue(), deadzoneAmount)) {
                interpolatedYaw = (float) oldYaw;

            setRotation(interpolatedYaw, interpolatedPitch);


public void setRotation(double yaw, double pitch) {
    player.rotationYaw = (float) yaw;
    player.rotationPitch = (float) pitch;



As of time of writing this, I have pushed the changes to github here: https://github.com/Fernthedev/controller-remap/blob/4d883367b92317c47b33d38b88523d4769b2164d/mod-core/src/main/java/com/github/fernthedev/controllerremapmod/core/ControllerHandler.java#L302-L331

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Added github commit to better show implementation
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Also if you didn't notice, I edited the reply before this with a new github commit if that helps. https://github.com/Fernthedev/controller-remap/blob/4d883367b92317c47b33d38b88523d4769b2164d/mod-core/src/main/java/com/github/fernthedev/controllerremapmod/core/ControllerHandler.java#L302-L331

It seems to kinda work, it still stutters a lot and moves very little.


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Nevermind, I was quite stupid and didn't realize what I needed to do until I read your response a thousand times in my head. I basically stored the last tick every input movement event and moved the camera every render update event. Thanks a lot for your help, correct me if this practice isn't what you meant and if it does what I was trying to avoid.

Aaaaaaaand 5 minutes later after posting this, I realize it's still exactly what I didn't want. Well whoops, should have troubleshooted before posting .-.

Well kinda, it works but randomly the camera just stops and starts over as if I let go my joystick and started moving it again immediately 


A video showing this can be found here, showing the problem and how it's affected in different framerates.


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