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Universal Metal API


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This may already exist I'm not sure... Nonetheless:


I've noticed in lots of different mod packs that there are lots of metals that are all pretty similar. Like in Tekkit and Voltz and stuff there are like 3 steels or 5 tin or 2 bronze and stuff like this. I was thinking that each mod could register it's metal with the Forge API, then if another mod registers the metal, like for instance, 2 mods have a tin ingot, instead of using mod specific code and stuff it is a universal ingot. So like each mod uses the same item ID. I know I haven't really explained it very well but I think people will get the gist.


So a better example than above:

[*]Mod A wants tin and wants to generate it in the world

[*]Mod B also wants tin and wants to generate it

[*]These metals are registered with the Forge API, through something like

forge.registerMetal('tin', true)

  • (I don't code in Java so that may be massively incorrect) to tell forge it wants a tin ingot and it wants it generated in the seed.


If I haven't really made this very good to understand I'll happily try to explain it.



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