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[1.2.5]new LifeBlocks mod


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That is actually quite a fascinating mod, never ran across it before.  Kind of like an 'at a distance' version of RP's basic machines and logic, with more.  I worry about balance though (tear down enemy place remotely and distance mining), but would be very nice on a creative MP server.  I quite like the looks of this.  :)


EDIT:  Also, on your topic name can you prepend it with [1.2.5] or so?  Just to mark what MC version it works with.  :)

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This is awesome! I managed to make a system with this and redpower that manages everything I could ever hope to automate, but now I'm bored with my world. :P

So, what would happen if I did push that shiny red button over there? ... Really? ... Can I try it? ... Damn.

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