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Scoreboard settings will not save.


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I'm trying my hand at a small adventure map for a few friends which takes advantage of some forge reliant mods. This is being made difficult because forge isn't allowing the scoreboard settings I enter to save.


I have confirmed that it was forge. I've used both an older version and the latest version of forge, and the problem remained. I've disabled every mod except for forge one by one, and the problem was still there. I've tried just having ModLoader installed, and even vanilla Minecraft, and in both of these cases, the problem was fixed.


Log: http://pastebin.com/p0fsicwy


If there's a way to fix this myself, please tell me.

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Started a world

Typed /scoreboard teams list into chat to make absolutely sure the teams I'm adding aren't saved

Typed /scoreboard teams add <anything>

Typed /scoreboard teams list into chat again to make sure I didn't mess up the command

Returned to the main menu

Loaded the same world again

Typed /scoreboard teams list just to be safe


If the team I added wasn't there, I'd close the entire game, disable a mod, and repeat the steps until the team actually saved.

Note that this also happens with objectives and player settings.

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Sorry if this is considered necroposting, but I'm having this same problem as well with my 1.5.1 server. I see you posted a fix, but I'm not quite sure what to do with that file. Help is much appreciated!  :)

It's not a file you do anything with. It's in forge already.

So is there nothing I can do to solve the problem?

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