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[Forge 1.14] How to get an Overlay from in an event


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So I'm working on a mod that allows users to move the subtitles, and I figured out the events and stuff (for the most part), and understand that I probably have to make a Client Proxy for stuff too. Maybe I'm missing something, but I have some questions about getting the SubtitleOverlay in the event. I don't want to make new subtitles, I just want to change the position. Is there a way for me to get the game's subtitle overlay from the event? This is a snippet of my code:

@SubscribeEvent(receiveCanceled = true)
public void onEvent(RenderGameOverlayEvent.Pre event) {
    if(event.getType() == RenderGameOverlayEvent.ElementType.SUBTITLES) {
        // this is where the magic happens
        Minecraft mc = Minecraft.getInstance();

I know I can't directly access the games SubtitleOverlayGui because it's protected, but is there some other way, or do I have to write a new class or something? (Sorry for the questions and rambling, I'm not used to posting on forums/asking for help)

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By "copy what SubtitleOverlayGui does and register an ISoundEventListener," do you mean make a new class that extends SubtitleOverlayGui? Could you explain a bit more or do you have a link to an example or explanation?

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5 hours ago, diesieben07 said:

You could extend it, yes, but you wouldn't gain much from that. I am not sure why I need to explain the word "copy" to you.

i know what copy means, but I don't know where to copy it. Do you mean copy what SubtitleOverlayGUI does into the onEvent method and register that as an ISoundEventListener? 

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2 hours ago, diesieben07 said:

You need to register an ISoundEventListener. Just like SubtitleOverlayGUI does.

Please try to actually look at the code and understand what it's doing. It is not hard.

As is evidenced by my profile and my thread, I am new to Minecraft modding. I understand that I'm probably missing something obvious and how it can probably be frustrating to an experienced modder like yourself, but I too am frustrated. If I wasn't having trouble I wouldn't be creating this thread. I have looked at the code, and that is how I know that I cannot get the client's SubtitleOverlayGUI since it is a protected field and there is no method that gets the overlay. If you could provide an example of what you are saying, I think that would clear up my confusion.

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2 hours ago, lizzyd710 said:

it is a protected field and there is no method that gets the overlay

Since its protected, you can either extend the class, use an AccessTransformer or use Reflection.

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