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Power of server side only mods


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recently i had a post about making a small server side only mod to control xp drops, and i more or less understand how that works no, but that made me think, how powerful can server side mods get?
Can I do anything that a bukkit plugin would be able to do with a server side only forge mod?
I have a more or less complete RPG system with minecraft command blocks, but it is really performance heavy, so i was thinking if i could move it to a mod without having to have it client side, so the question really is, if i can do something purely with vaniall commands, can it be done with a forge mod too, and i would assume yes, the project is ~3.5-4k lines of minecraft commands, it has right click to use abilities custom weapons, custom mobs, and mob spawning, classes etc... but since it doesn't add any new assets it should be able to be implemented with a server side only mod right?
So, what is the client side mod required for, what are the limitations of being server side only?


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1 hour ago, AMRAAM said:

Can I do anything that a bukkit plugin would be able to do with a server side only forge mod?

And probably more.


Remember, both are written in Java and the only limitations are those where there aren't API hooks. Forge has different hooks than Bukkit, but the overlap is pretty close to Forge having everything Bukkit does, and probably some extras. Because Forge is open source developed, anyone who needs a new hook can write a pull request to get that hook added to Forge. Doesn't necessarily mean it will be approved, but in my experience Bukkit is rather static with the opinion of if Bukkit can't already do it, then it isn't needed.

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