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[SOLVED] How to render model with a big texture ?


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I set texture size in Class inherit from ModelBase;

And create ModelRenderer with this Class;

Then I use addBox to join model paramater;

Last render it;

But the model is too big than i want or the texture is wrong.

How can I get the result that i want ?

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I use a plain box as a model for my power fist item. It's basically a little

bigger version of vanilla player arm, being like 4x16x4.I double the detail, making two 8x8 squares for top/bottom and four 8x32 rectangles for front/back/both sides. But the texture size I use is actually 128x 64, most of the texture file is left transparent.


So, if You use a box 16x8x 8 (Why have You given only two dimensions?), and 256x128 texture, it's structure should look like this:

16x16 square transparent, 16x16 square for top, 16x16 square for bottom, 16x16 square transparent /... rest transparent
16x32front, 16x32 left side, 16x32 back, 16x32 right side, /... rest transparent. 


The other thing is, that it's really hard to help You if You don't show any code. Are You using Techne to create the model, or are just coding it Yourself?

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