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No XP from mining Coal/Diamond/Quartz etc


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Since i updated to the latest version  1.14-4  with the forge's First Build 1.14.4 - 28.0.1 which was crashing(but that is besides the point), I noticed i wasn't getting XP from mining Coal, Diamonds, Quartz or any block that would usually wield some amount of XP, I have no MODS installed and tried reinstalling many times with no change, i tried loading Regular Vanilla Minecraft 1.14-4 and it was normal, which leads me to believe something happened, and it's only mining those resources, everything else gives XP normally.I tried Singleplayer and on a Server Both with no mods, same issue.


Id love to know if it's fixable, even VIA waiting for a patched version, or something i could do myself.

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8 hours ago, LexManos said:

A patch got missed in the 1.14.4 update, https://github.com/MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge/commit/7411b444d3810c94d53c8edf6ec560c4e30cb4ef

Update to 28.0.14+

well that does explain it, hopefully they'll fix soon. Still not the end of the world.


Just looked at their change logs for 28.0.14 and they fixed it.

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