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General Questions on making a minigame


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So I've just started working with forge yesterday. I do have competent experience with Java and other OOP. I'm understanding the Forge API alright.

I've figured out eventhandling and server/client messaging.

I just have few questions. I know stuff like minigames are generally regulated with Server plugins right? Is it possible to just do this with sides in forge? Say I want to keep track of time elapsed on the server.

I already figured out that I can do stuff like teams using capabilities.

If I wanted to add custom fields to hold information on the server world, where would I put this? I'm sorry of this sounds really generic, I'm at a loss of words right now to elaborate.

How would I just hold gamestate information for the world? Say for example if I wanted to be able to start a new "match" and at 5 minutes in, spawn a mob. I can use onServerTick to tick the server but where would I store information?

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Minigames in the context you are referring to are managed server side. Bukkit does this with plugins (serverside only mods). You can also do it with command blocks. But regardless, they're managed from the server side, like all non-input systems (the client is a lying cheating bastard).


Forge mods can be for one side only, but are typically used on both sides (as without the client's involvement, you can do new items, blocks, and such). 

Apparently I'm a complete and utter jerk and come to this forum just like to make fun of people, be confrontational, and make your personal life miserable.  If you think this is the case, JUST REPORT ME.  Otherwise you're just going to get reported when you reply to my posts and point it out, because odds are, I was trying to be nice.


Exception: If you do not understand Java, I WILL NOT HELP YOU and your thread will get locked.


DO NOT PM ME WITH PROBLEMS. No help will be given.

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1 hour ago, diesieben07 said:

You can use capabilities to attach arbitrary data to a World instance (represents a loaded dimension). For global data you could attach it to the overworld, since that is always loaded.

As for plugins vs. mods: You can totally write a server-only Forge mod.

Ah yes. This is what I needed. I totally forgot I can attach capabilities  to the world as well. Thank you.

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