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[1.12.2] How would I send variable over network (using Simpleimpl) from command->server->remote client?


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The synopsis is that I have a command that sends out data to the server in the form of a CharSequence (I used system.out to verify that this variable is only sent/initialized if I send it to the server first by the way of SimpleNetworkWrapper#sendToServer). I then need to be able to relay that variable to a remote client that's separate from the player who executed the command. Is there a simple way to implement this effectively?


Here's my netcode, please don't judge



I bet you that you can't guess what my code actually does (Joke)



Edit 1: Updated code based on Animefan8888/diesieben07. If you want to test it, I believe everything you need is in the paste (If not P.M me). My goal is to create a command that's executed by a command block/player to tell a connected client to create an overlay on the client specified in the command.


Edit 2: I used the VLCJ (3.12.1), slf4j-api (1.7.25) and the installation directory for VLC media player in C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC

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put all classes into pastebin, fixed code
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55 minutes ago, Nick82285 said:

to a remote client that's separate from the player

I'm sorry what does this mean? Like it's not a player connected to the server?


56 minutes ago, Nick82285 said:

The synopsis is that I have a command that sends out data to the server in the form of a CharSequence

I have a problem with your question in particular. Commands are executed on the server. So the sequence goes more like this

Client sends chat message with command->Server receives message and executes command... here is where I'm confused. Now you need to send the string back to the client? Send the packet to the player who issued the command.


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Forge and vanilla BlockState generator.

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16 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

this should be done in preInit or init, not in a static initializer

Fair (I fixed it), Just following the example in the ForgeDocs for 1.12

21 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

Your IDE should be warning you about this.

Fair as well (fixed as well), but doesn't :/ and I don't know why. It's Eclipse 2019 06. That and I'm not the best programmer.


31 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

Your code is a giant security problem. You are allowing the server to send arbitrary paths to the client

I don't quite see that. This will only be used by command blocks and the commands won't be changed unless there is a rogue admin (potentially preventing a redirect to access system files). The client then checks if the local directory/local video file exists before executing on it.


Should I hard code in these directories or sync a json file (with a third party program, however this adds another security concern) to update these directories? It's kind of difficult if I need a fast working environment to do either.


Is there any way to get it to work?

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