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[1.14.x] Smelting Output as Tag


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Hey all - I've had a really hard time finding docs on how to use the DataBuilders for recipes and block drops, so I've decided to try out the JSON format because I can easily automate creating them via Python. I'm running into a problem though - while porting Geolosys to 1.14.x, I'm setting up smelting and blasting recipes for clusters -> ingots. I've already gotten data tags set up on clusters and ingots, but I will eventually allow ingots to be disable-able like in previous versions. Therefore, I don't want to rely on every single mod offering ingots to smelt up #forge:ore/some_ore into their some_ingot, so what are my options? The result object in the recipe JSON only accepts an item_id of form namespace: id, so I'm not given a lot of options on the JSON front.

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You'll need a custom recipe for this.

For example, I have something similar for crafting:


Furnace (blasting, smelting, cooking) recipes use a similar system, I believe the class to look at is AbstractFurnaceRecipe and its subclasses.

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