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[1.12.2] Checking if the player can place a block using PlayerInteractEvent.RightClickBlock

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Is there a way to tell if the item used during PlayerInteractEvent is going to result in a block being placed in the world? The issue with PlayerInteractEvent.RightClickBlock is that it's called on the client even when the player is too close to the clicked block for a new block to be placed. I need to check before BlockEvent.PlaceEvent is triggered because I want to prevent the ItemStack's count from decreasing.

I tried using world.mayPlace() but it doesn't seem to detect if the player is standing in the way. I'm using this method in PlayerInteractEvent.RightClickBlock:

Block block = Block.getBlockFromItem(event.getItemStack().getItem());
if (world.mayPlace(block, event.getPos().offset(event.getFace()), false, event.getFace(), player)) {



Alternatively, is there a reliable way to detect when an item is consumed or depleted in stack size?

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