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Request for hooks - Sky control


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Hi, I'm the developer of the Twilight Forest mod.  I ported my mod over to Forge a few months ago and it's been great.  Things have been so much easier, and I'm really grateful for everyone's hard work.  Recently I was looking through my code for stupid hacks to eliminate, and I found some!


In my code, I override the World class, and use some dumb hack methods to replace it in the client with my custom World, when the player is in my dimension.


The methods I could use hooks for are:



World.func_35464_b() which has something to do with sky lighting.



World.getSealevel(), since that's only used for horizon rendering.


I could ask what some of these functions are even doing in the World class.  Could we make a hook that lets maybe the WorldProvider for that world override them?


What would take that one step further would be if I could get a hook for RenderGlobal.renderSky(), the way the End dimension has a custom sky.


Finally, although it's unrelated to sky rendering, I'm also overriding World.setSpawnLocation() and World.getSpawnPoint().  I have less of an idea as to how you'd handle the hook for those, but I'd still like one.


Also, a pony. ;)




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Take this with a grain of salt as I have not done this myself, this is just from perusing over the code:  If you use the DimensionManager API in Forge, you should be able to use your 'own' World and WorldProvider, no hacks needed.  The functions registerDimension and setWorld?  Unsure what calls setWorld in the code, did not see what calls it on a quick look.


EDIT:  May need to wait for Lex, but from what I am reading, you should be able to registerDimension, then new a new WorldMyType that is derived from WorldServer (WorldServer calls DimensionManager.setWorld from inside its constructor) and everything 'should' work, at least on multiplayer?  No clue about singleplayer, ask Lex?  I have not yet used the DimensionManager, but I know others have.

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If I'm following the code correctly (I'm not really a coder) you write you own custom WorldProvider that extends the main one and it should register it. Looking at WorldProviderHell and WordProviderEnd, some of what Benimatic is looking to do is already available. 


I really hope that made sense! :)

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The way the code currently works, you write your own WorldProvider, and register it with e.g. DimensionManager.registerDimension(7, new WorldProviderTwilightForest(), true);.  There are some functions that have to do with the sky or spawn points, that I'm already using, in that WorldProvider class.  Others, which I am requesting, are locked away in the World class. 


As for using DimensionManager.setWorld, that seems to be something used internally on the server.  I might be able to use it to inject a custom class which could control respawning coordinates, but that wouldn't work in singleplayer.  Further all the sky stuff is clientside-only.

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