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Forge 28.2 Minecraft 1.14.4


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Forge Version: 28.2.0
Minecraft Version: 1.14.4
    Changelog: (Direct)
    Installer: (AdFocus) (Direct)
    MDK: (AdFocus) (Direct)


Hello again guys, this is a new release for 1.14.4, as part of our LTS system. This is mainly a cumulative release giving modder and pack makers a new base to target.


  • New networking design to help modders stop accidentally leaking network memory
  • New Tag reloading events
  • New hooks to allow FlowerPotBlock to be reusable by modders
  • New more robust/less hacky system for extending enums
  • New hooks to allow custom dimensions with differetn sea levels
  • New hook to make Structure processing more powerful
  • New hook making FlowerBotBlock/StairsBlocks/FishBucketItem more reusable
  • Added extra features to RegisteryObject/DeferredRegister system
  • New dimension hooks to better sync data between client and server
  • Exposed DyeColor hooks for more utility
  • New mod related resources are now in a single 'Mod Resources' resource pack to allow sorting, mods can still add additional packs for finer control
  • New pre-loading screen that can show progress information that happens before Mojang's official loading screen
  • Made customClientFactory optional
  • New hooks allowing modded IParticleRenderTypes to be rendered
  • Added PlayerGiveXpEvent and PlayerChangeLevelEvent hooks
  • Added profile icon to the installer
  • New hooks for interesting with low level networking events
  • Regular mods are now automatically de-duped based on the version number
  • Added Blockstate and Model data providers
  • New hooks to make Loot Table data generators more reusable
  • New Data Generator helper classes
  • New hooks to allow for more flexibility in mod discover-ability
  • New hooks to make it easier to add custom TNT blocks
  • New SleepFinishedTimeEvent allowing control of world time when waking up
  • Added FENCES_WOODEN and FENCE_GATES_WOODEN tags as fuels in furnaces
  • Split DrawBlockHighlightEvent into subevents to make usage clearer
  • Added FluidStack support to the Forge packet buffer
  • Added support for custom nether portal frame blocks


  • Fixed patch for vanilla spawning in WorldEntitySpawner
  • Fixed hooks for handling raw mouse events
  • Fixed default behavior for Item#canPlayerBreakBlockWhileHolding
  • Fixed vanilla performance issue in furnace fuels
  • Fixed issue where exceptions during loading would not kill the main thread correctly
  • Fixed jigsaw blocks not mirroring properly
  • Fixed type bound on GameRegistry.findRegistry being too narrow
  • Fixed installer issues related to old java bugs
  • Fixed sea level info not being available on the client
  • Fixed server jar manifest paths
  • Fixed berry bushes not throwing crop growth events
  • Fixed some non-sensitive calls to Block.getSoundType
  • Fixed FluidTank with empty contents throwing error if drained
  • Fixed vanilla bug related to the main menu screen. MC-145102
  • Fixed race condition in flowing fluid blocks
  • Fixed many minor issues in Fluids
  • Fixed Model Loaders not being properly initalized
  • Fixed custom model loading
  • Fixed IModelData not being cleared when tile entity is removed
  • Fixed hidden potion effects backgrounds still rendering
  • Fixed mod info panel rendering incorrectly on some systems with HiDPI displays
  • Fixed kelp not throwing Crops Grow Event
  • Fixed shears not having sound
  • Fixed error logging in mod dev environment
  • Fixed bounds checks in `NativeImage` MC-162953
  • Fixed loading error/warning screen not showing
  • Fixed vanilla models with parents not loading properly
  • Fixed clientside chunk load event spam
  • Fixed shouldCauseReequipAnimation not working
  • Fixed forge rendering pipeline and shape based light occulsion
  • Fixed NPEs caused by uninitialized lists in ModDirTransformerDiscoverer
  • Fixed NPE in modlauncher when there is no mods dir
  • Fixed issue with logs during server shut down
  • Fixed Item#doesSneakBypassUse hook
  • Fixed vanilla bug in entity navigation to stop entities spinning MC-94054
  • Fixed recursion issue in biome types
  • Fixed BlockStateProvider#horizontalBlock emitting rotations >=360
  • Fixed registry snapshots not reading aliases correctly
  • Fixed an NPE caused by missing registries
  • Fixed performance issue related to relighting entire chunks
  • Fixed using bonemeal in modded oceans
  • Fixed shift-click insertion of modded recipes into the Stonecutter
  • Fixed DyeColor referencing incorrect Tag path
  • Fixed the hang on startup problem when windows' broken device enumeration causes a huge glfwInit slowdown
  • Fixed emissive items not working
  • Fixed camera setup render event
  • Fixed invocation of Vanilla spawn logic
  • Fixed Entity.canRiderInteract not being called
  • Fixed event spam during projectile movement
  • Fixed Minecarts not with modded powered/activator rails
  • Fixed rails maximum speed hooks
  • Fixed capabilities becoming inaccessible on returning from the end
  • Fixed Brown Mooshrooms dropping Red Mushrooms when sheared
  • Fix NPE on java 8u242 in dev enviroment
  • Fixed compression system used by the installer to make downloads smaller.  
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I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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